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The physical manifestation of lupus centres on the cooperation between the liver and the spleen. One of the 27 functions of the liver is to distinguish between friendly and unfriendly particles which enter the body. Normally it would react to a non-friendly entity and instruct the spleen to produce white blood cells to attack and destroy them. With lupus, the liver cannot make that distinction any longer. It regards friendly entities as harmful and sends alarm signals to the spleen. White blood cells are produced and attack the body. The body begins destroying itself. The balance may be restored after a few hours or several months.


Mental origins

The above symptoms are merely physical manifestations of what is in the mind. The victim no longer distinguishes between loving and harmful actions to himself. This mental imbalance is then reflected in a physical imbalance. Emotional problems include a deep need for acceptance. This acceptance is expected but the victim does not have self-acceptance. In addition, mental manifestations include depression, anxiety and a psychosis-like paranoia i.e. inability to distinguish between reality and non-reality. Physical symptoms


Extreme tiredness, lethargy, sleeplessness, black spots in the field of vision, itchy and burning skin rashes, joint pains, stiffness, aches, weak heart muscles, weak lungs, kidney failure, sudden fevers and sensitivity to the sun.



Because of the mental origins, therapy and a complete lifestyle change is needed. Adopt a positive loving attitude to life. Feed your mind with positive thoughts.


Certain herbs are beneficial such as Echinacea, pokeroot, red clover, dandelion root, boldo, gotu kola, stinging nettle, dong quai etc. consult with a professional on what combination to take. These herbs boost the immune system and treat the liver, spleen, blood and emotions. This is the holistic approach, although the conventional medical world assumes that immune boosters trigger lupus attacks.


Sugar, alcohol, nicotine are all harmful. Eat as much raw food as possible. Have daily helpings of apples, carrots, parsley, beetroot, sweet potato, raw spinach and celery. Have frequent helpings of cucumber, cabbage, lettuce, onions, garlic, butternut, baby marrow, and raw olive oil. Rooibos and all other acidic foods should not be consumed by victims of this condition. Cut down on caffeine. A pure chicory “coffee” however is both detoxifying and a liver tonic. Fruit juices should be mixed 1 part with two parts water. Avoid orange juice.

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