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Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, "The house which has vinegar will not be in need." [J?mi'ul Was?il li Ibn M?jah]
This blessed condiment has many other amazing uses.
  • Remedy sore throats - sip or gargle a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar.

  • Cure hiccups - a shot of vinegar may ease these involuntary spasms.

  • Condition hair - rinsing with apple cider vinegar mixed with water removes residue from the hair shaft, leaving silky, shiny build-up free hair.

  • Kill weeds - household vinegar kills unwanted plants. The stronger horticultural vinegar works even better.

  • Remove underarm stains - spray full strength white vinegar on the stain before washing.

  • Soften fabrics - a half a cup of white vinegar added to the wash cycle prevents lint clinging and removes soap scum from both the clothes and the washing machine.

  • Deter ants - spray a mixture of half white vinegar and half water to repel ants.

  • Soak sore muscles - apple cider vinegar helps draw out lactic acid which accumulates in the muscles after exercise, causing pain. Mix a few tablespoons of vinegar into a cup of water. Dip a cloth in the mixture and apply to the sore areas for 20 minutes.

  • Freshen air - acetic acid in vinegar absorbs odours. Splash around the room to neutralise smells.

  • Eliminate stale odours - wipe the surface of food containers which have a stale smell with white vinegar.

  • Remove stickers - apply a cloth soaked in warmed vinegar to the sticker. It will peel off without leaving residue.

  • Clean crusty paintbrushes - dip paintbrushes into boiling white vinegar to dissolve encrusted paint.

  • Dissolve rust - simmer rusty items in a saucepan full of vinegar then rinse well with water.

  • Remove mineral deposits - calcium and lime deposits clog showerheads and reduce dishwasher function. Use straight vinegar as a rinsing agent in your dishwasher to prevent build-up. To clean a clogged showerhead, remove it from the pipe and place it in a saucepan full of white vinegar. Simmer for a few minutes. Do not boil. Then wash off the stains.

  • Neutralise spice in foods - add a teaspoon at a time of white or apple cider vinegar to neutralise an overdose of spice in food you are cooking.

  • Prolong the life of cut flowers - add two tablespoons of white vinegar per litre of water in the vase containing cut flowers.

  • Treat fungal infections - white vinegar and apple cider vinegar can kill fungi like athletes foot, toe nail fungus and dandruff. For foot related ailments soak daily for about 30 minutes in solution of one part vinegar to four parts of water.

  • Tenderise meat - by marinating in apple cider vinegar overnight. This also kills bacteria.

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