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1.     You are not bullet proof

When younger, men tend to feel they can abuse their bodies and not notice any ill effect. Some effects only show in the long term. By looking after our bodies from an early age we can enjoy a better quality of health in our old age. Remember that this is an Isl?mic duty. Ras?lull?h sallall?hu ?alayhi wa sallam said, ?Your bodies have a right over you.? [al-Bukh?r?]

2.    Nutrition, exercise & health rules apply to all

Pretending that strokes, heart attacks etc. only happen to others is an unhealthy attitude. How many push-ups or games of cricket we may have played years ago do not matter. The numbers on the scale, cholesterol test, triglyceride test and body mass index apply to you as well. Heed them.

3.    A little bit is better than nothing

The Hadith teaches us the importance of consistency even if it be little. This is not confined to religion. Constant exercise, even if it be light is better than overdoing it at irregular intervals. Cut down on unhealthy habits and learn moderation.

4.   Increase fruit & veg intake

Focus on fresh fruit, vegetables, roots (sweet potatoes, potatoes and carrots) and nuts. With a little determination this should be the easiest tip of all.

5.    Go for check-ups and screenings

Important checks-ups include: colo-rectal cancer, abdominal aortic aneurysm, diabetes, blood pressure, cholesterol, triglycerides and HIV (AIDS is not only contracted due to illicit sexual activities).

6.   Light-heartedness is good for the health

Ras?lull?h sallall?hu ?alayhi wa sallam used to joke and engage in physical activity. Implement the Sunnah.

7.    Friends and family are good for you

Humans are social animals. Maintaining ties of friendship and blood are not only Isl?mic injunctions, but can help reduce stress and enhances one?s wellbeing.

8.    Have a purpose

Find something you enjoy. Realise your purpose in life.

9.   Get outdoors in the fresh air

Get out of your artificial surroundings and get some fresh air. Why was the young Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam sent out of the city to be raised in the desert.

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