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Sunderland Ridge - Famous Brands Coffee Company (Pty) Ltd, Gauteng Print

Famous Brands Coffee Company (Pty) Ltd

Category: Beverages - Powders, Ground Coffee / Coffee Beans

Tel: 011 315 3000

Address: 306 Barolong Street, Icon Industrial Park, Sunderland Ridge, 0157, Gauteng, South Africa

Certified Halaal by SANHA


List of Products Manufactured by :: Famous Brands Coffee Company (Pty) Ltd



1 Aquazania Aquaspresso Africa Beans 250g
2 Aquazania Aquaspresso Gold Beans 250g
3 Aquazania Aquaspresso Origin Beans 250g
4 Bread Basket Espresso Beans 1kg
5 Café Caps African 300kg
6 Café Caps Brazilina 300kg
7 Café Caps Comombian 300kg
8 Café Caps Dark Espresso 300kg
9 Café Caps Ethiopia 300kg
10 Café Caps French 300kg
11 Café Caps Italian 300kg
12 Café Caps Kenya 300kg
13 Café Caps Lungo 300kg
14 Café Caps Medium Espresso 300kg
15 Café Caps Mild Espresso 300kg
16 Café Caps Tanzania 300kg
17 Café Caps Uganda 300kg
18 Café Kreme Decaf Beans 1kg
19 Café Kreme Gold Beans 1kg
20 Café Kreme Mocca Java Beans 1kg
21 Chaywa Whole Bean Coffee
22 Europa Espresso Beans 1kg
23 Famous Brands FBC Decaffeinated Espresso Ground Coffee 250g
24 Fego Espresso Beans 1kg
25 Java Lava Gold Beans 1kg
26 Java Lava Milano Beans 1kg
27 Java Lava Roma Beans 1kg
28 Mugg & Bean Decaf Beans 1 kg
29 Milklane Espresso Beans 500g
30 Mugg & Bean Espresso Beans
31 Mugg & Bean Espresso Beans
32 Netcafé Espresso Beans 1kg
33 Pick n Pay African Blend Coffee Beans
34 Pick n Pay Espresso Coffee Beans
35 Pick n Pay Italian Blend Coffee Beans
36 Pick n Pay Mocca Java Coffee Beans
37 Pick n Pay South American Coffee Beans
38 Tasha’s Beans
39 Wimpy Espresso Beans

40 Aquazania Aquaspresso Premium Filter 60g
41 Aquazania Aquaspresso Prestige Filter 60g
42 Aquazania Aquaspresso Supreme Filter 60g
43 Café Kreme Business Filter 60g
44 Café Kreme Jamaican Filter 80g
45 Café Kreme Mocca Java Filter 80g
46 Café Kreme Office Blend Filter 60g
47 Café Kreme Platinum Filter 80g
48 Café Kreme Wiener Mischung Filter 65g
49 Java Lava Mocha Java Filter 80g
50 Java Lava Platinum Filter 80g
51 Java Lava Roma Filter 80g
52 Vero Café Decaf Espresso Filter 250g
53 Mugg & Bean Colombia Filter 250g
54 Mugg & Bean Decaf Filter 250g
55 Mugg & Bean Honduras Filter 100g
56 Mugg & Bean Brazil Fairtrade 100g
57 Pick n Pay Finest Colombian Filter 250g
58 Pick n Pay Finest Ethiopian Filter 250g
59 Pick n Pay Finest Guatemalan Filter 250g
60 Pick n Pay Finest Ugandan Filter 250g

61 Mugg & Bean Filter - House Blend Ground Coffee
62 Mugg & Bean Mocca Java Ground Coffee
63 Mugg & Bean Rwandan Ground Coffee
64 Pick n Pay African Blend Ground Coffee
65 Pick n Pay Decaffeinated Ground Coffee
66 Pick n Pay Everyday Blend Ground Coffee
67 Pick n Pay Gold Ground Coffee
68 Pick n Pay Italian Blend Ground Coffee
69 Pick n Pay Mocca Java Ground Coffee
70 Pick n Pay South American Blend Ground Coffee
71 Wimpy Ground Coffee

72 Aquazania Aquaspresso Hot Chocolate 500g
73 Aquazania Aquaspresso Milk 500g
74 Aquazania Aquaspresso Sugar 500g
75 Chaywa Hot Chocolate
76 FB Deluxe Hot Chocolate 500g
77 Java Lava Hot Chocolate 500g
78 Mugg & Bean Hot Chocolate 500g
79 Wimpy Hot Chocolate 500g

80 FBCC Chai Tea Smoothie 1kg
81 FBCC Chocolate Decadence Smoothie 1kg
82 FBCC Coffee Freezo Smoothie 1kg
83 FBCC Mocha Smoothie 1kg
84 FBCC White Chocolate Smoothie 1kg
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