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Dried foods such as fruit and biltong offer a welcome change in taste and texture to those on a regimented diet. They are also easily portable and can be included in the ration of a cyclist, hiker etc.

They are great energy providers. Removing the water from fruit concentrates carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants into a nutrient- and energy filled snack.  Similarly biltong is low in fat (often less than a gram per serving. It is high in protein which helps mend muscle and also contains sodium to replace loss through perspiration.  

Raisins, Apricots & Prunes have a low to moderate glycaemic index, thus breaking down slowly during digestion to provide sustained energy instead of short blasts followed by a crash. Raisins are loaded with potassium which aids in muscle function.

Nibble 4 or 5 dates or figs every hour during long exercise (e.g. cycling). The fast digesting carbohydrates will help to sustain you. Figs are filled with bone-strengthening calcium.  

Dried berries and cherries, such as Goji Berries & Cranberries provide sugars and antioxidants required for muscle recovery.

SANHA certifies many dried fruit companies whose products are guaranteed to be free of Haraam ingredients (e.g. cochineal colouring, animal coated raisins etc). In addition to the certified butcheries which produce biltong, herewith a listing a SANHA certified biltong specialists:
  • Adam’s Biltong – Malabar, PE
  • Al Ummah Snacks –  Verulem (Biltong & Cashews)


  • Everyday Snax (Meat Products & Biltong)


  • Biltong Boulevard – Springs


  • Healthpro Foods – Ridgeway


  • Real Country Products – Auckland Park (Biltong, Purr Mix)


  • Shariff Halaal Snacks – Fellside  (Game Biltong, Meat)


  • Ciscos – Fordsburg (CISCO branded products only – Biltong, Nuts etc)


  • Zayla Traders – Bromhof


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