Pakistani Businessmen Urged to Utilise Chinese Halaal Market Print
Chinese Halaal Market
Pakistani businessmen should utilise the Chinese Halaal food market ? Shanghai Chamber

China has more than 20m Muslims. A large Halaal food exhibition is to be held in May.

Lahore (NNI) - China?s population includes more than 20 million Muslims. Thus there exists a massive Halaal food market which the Pakistani businessman should exploit.

So said Zhui Wang, chairman of the Shanghai Chamber of International Commerce, in his address to the Lahore Chamber. He was leading a delegation of 20 high ranking members of the Shanghai Chamber. He said that a large Halaal food exhibition is to be held in Shanghai Province in May 2014. This will be a golden opportunity businessmen involved in the Halaal Food Industry. He added that a ?Green Economy? exhibition whilst a Carpet Expo is to be held in August. He invited Pakistani businessmen to participate in all three, as Chinese businessmen are extremely eager to trade with their Pakistani counterparts.

Pakistanis are good neighbours and friends. Hence Chinese traders find it easy to conduct business with them.

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