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Darul Waqaf Islamic Institute was formed in Port Elizabeth in 1992. Its aim is to fulfil the unmet needs of the community such as unemployment, poverty and Islamic illiteracy.


   1. Welfare & Charity: Darul Waqaf assists the poor with their rentals and municipal debts. It issues food parcels, food vouchers, clothing and blankets.

   2. Counselling & Guidance: Darul Waqaf provides professional guidance and advice. It deals with marriage and family counselling, substance abuse and human rights abuse. Assistance is also given with trauma cases e.g. death (assistance with burial arrangements etc).

   3. Legal & Islamic Judiciary: Darul Waqaf draws up gratis Islamic wills and assists in winding up estates. It attests legal documents and arbitrates disputes. Professional guidance and Fataawaa are offered strictly according to the Quraan and Sunnah.

   4. Civics: Darul Waqaf serves the community by actively representing their interests as required. It is on the executive level of the PE Civil Society and has representation on the religious, education and welfare forums and the People's Council.

   5. Education: A successful Madrasah (Noorul Ilm) operates from Springdale. Aid is provided to other Madaaris including free book, copies of the Quraan and other literature.

   6. Planning: It is vital that the future generations do not have to undergo long, hard routes to educate Muslims and propagate Islam. Thus structures should be in place to make these tasks easier. A Darul Uloom type Islamic college is one of Darul Waqaf's projects.

   7. Hajj & Umrah: Through its representatives Darul Waqaf aims to alleviate the problems pilgrims face in regards to visas, accommodation, health requirements etc.

   8. Halaal: Darul Waqaf is proud to serve on both the Theological and Executive Committees of SANHA. The association with SANHA is in fact an extension of Darul Waqaf's commitment and concern for the community's physical and spiritual needs.

    Contact details:

    11 Hercules Street
    PO Box 16170
    Gelvandale, Port Elizabeth

    Tel: +27[0]82 653 9786

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