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The Jamiatul Ulama Western Cape was established in April 2003. This was an initiative of local Ulama with the aim of serving the needs of the Ummah in the Western Cape.
Aims & Objectives

    * To provide for the Educational needs of the Ummah in the Cape area
    * Alleviate the plight of the poor and needy, providing welfare assistance, counselling and guidance
    * Co-ordinate Islamic activity
    * Enjoin virtue and forbid evil and protect, preserve and promote the Shariah
    * Foster unity amongst the community


The membership of the JUWC consists mainly 'Ulama and Huffaz including Imams Of Masaajid, School Teachers, Madrasah Teachers, Entrepreneurs and Businessmen who form the base of the Jamiatul Ulama Western Cape
Education Department

    * Teaching Methodology
    * Workshop & Advice to Teachers
    * Research and Guidance to Scholars
    * Hifth, Imaamah and Alim Fadhil Rasmi courses
    * Afternoon Madrasah Co-ordination Program
    * Adult Refresher courses
    * Teacher Empowerment: organising of bursaries and scholarships for Students and Teachers
    * 20 Madaaris are affiliated to the Madrasah Coordination Programme of the JUWC

Ma'koolaat Department

    * JUWC is actively involved in assisting the South African National Halaal Authority and is represented on the SANHA Ulama Council Board
    * It also strives in teaching the Ummah about Halaal And Haraam Issues

Welfare Department

The Welfare Department aims to serve the Ummah through inter alia the following activities:

    * Marital Counselling - settling disputes and reconciling spouses
    * Drug Counselling - every effort is made to save our youth from this scourge of our times.
    * Social Welfare - includes our Feeding Schemes such as Distribution of food hampers for the poor; our Iftaar project (Zamzam, dates and iftaar hampers distributed during Ramadaan); and the Qurbani Project. Our other projects include: Winter Warm (clothing & blankets distributed to the needy); Emergency Relief and Financial Assistance.

Awqaaf Department

This Department is dedicated to building and assisting in establishing Masaajid, Madaaris and Musallaas for Salaah and education purposes.

    Contact Details

    Telephone: +27 (0)21 633 3191
    Fax: +27 (0)21 633 4148
    Postal Address: PO Box 328, Gatesville 7766
    South Africa

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