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Medical schools focus on disease treatment using drugs which may also add to the body?s toxins. They do not focus on health promotion. As such, doctors do not generally advise patients in regards detox.


Natural Detox

The liver and kidneys are the primary organs which remove toxins from the body. In addition, the lungs expel carbon dioxide and perspiration also removes toxins from the skin.


Whilst natural detox occurs constantly, ever more pollution increases the body?s toxic load. Poisons from modern industry are so widespread, that Inuit mothers, far from direct contact with toxins, have amongst the highest levels of chemical poisons in their breast milk.


Enzymes & Minerals

The liver processes toxins in two stages. First the toxins are prepared for the second stage when they are made more water-soluble for easy elimination. All these metabolic processes require enzymes, and enzymes require minerals to make them function. Thus enzymes variously require zinc, molybdenum, copper or manganese. Magnesium is essential for many metabolic processes. Antioxidants such as vitamin C, lipoic acid and others are also essential for detox. Glutathione is a kind of amino acid that can capture many hundreds of environmental toxins and move them through the liver then to the gut. Shortages of nutrients thus impair the detox system.



A tried and tested starting point is to drink 1-2 glasses of water with the following:

?        300-600 mg of lipoic acid

?        400 -800 mg glutathione

?        A heaped teaspoon of vitamin C powder


Another method is the cleansing diet. This may involve a water- or vegetable juice fast or just apples for a few days. The diet should be as simple as possible, avoiding all processed foods and sugar. The more toxic the individual the slower and less severe the diet should be, in order to avoid an outpouring of toxins into the bloodstream.


Saunas also help detox through perspiration.


Herbs are wonderful detoxifiers. To activate the liver use milk thistle, dandelion, greater celandine and barberry.


Add elder, rhubarb, senna or aloe for a short period to stimulate bowel movement. 

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