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Studies over the past 3 decades have attempted to ascertain a relationship between food or the lack of specific nutrients with antisocial behaviour. Sugar, refined foods, additives and colourings have been mentioned as possible causes of hyperactivity, aggression and delinquency.

Anecdotal evidence seems to indicate that diets with lower levels of refined sugar may help reduce levels of violence. However, the evidence linking sugar to violence remains inconclusive.

One theory suggests that diets high in refined foods are low in chromium, which is needed to metabolise sugar. This deficiency leaves the body?s insulin less effective in controlling the blood?s glucose levels. Resultant hypoglycaemia  (low blood sugar) may prompt aggression, as the brain is deprived of glucose.

There are however other people whom sugar seems to calm down and assist with sleeping.

Nevertheless, refined foods and sugar rich diets can lack important nutrients. Studies show that people with low levels of Thiamin intake display aggressive and impulsive behaviour and are highly sensitive to criticism.

Excessive amounts of tea, coffee or alcohol can also trigger aggression.

  • Eat  plenty of:
  1. Wholegrain foods
  2. Fruit
  3. Vegetables

  • Cut down on:
  1. White Bread
  2. Cake
  3. Biscuits
  4. Sugar

  • Avoid:
  1. Alcohol. Praise be to Allah, Who has saved us from so many harms by prohibiting us from consuming this.
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