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The greatest harm of consuming alcohol is incurring the displeasure of our Creator. There are also numerous other harms which are observable and worth noting.


Consuming excessive alcohol decreases the brain?s sensitivity to it, hence greater quantities are consumed to acquire the ?desired? effect. Prolonged consumption results in socially destructive personality changes.  


Many alcoholics suffer from malnutrition. Most of their calorie intake is via alcohol and their dilapidated mental state leads to nutritional neglect. Eventual deficiency of vitamin B12, thiamine and other micronutrients damages the nerves and leads to disorientation, bad memory and false events to fill in memory holes.


Prolonged consumption enlarges the liver which becomes fatty. This may eventually lead to liver cancer and liver failure.


The Slippery Slope

Many care workers sadly note that an increasing amount of Muslims are ignoring the warnings of the Qurān, becoming addicted to alcohol. Below are some of the stages alcoholics descend in theior unfortunate journey towards physical, mental, social and spiritual destruction.

  • Alcohol is felt to be needed to feel at ease, increase confidence and obtain release from worries.
  •  Increased quantity to achieve same feeling as before.
  • Forgetfulness.
  • Secret drinking (with increased anxiety of being discovered).
  • Driving while drunk.
  • Frequent hangovers. Shakes treated by yet another drink.
  • Drinking alcohol instead of having meals.
  • Drinking alone.Mood swings.
  • Shakes, night sweats and hallucinations.
  • Unable to give up alcohol, even when a medical practitioner advises that it may prove fatal.
Allah commands what is  to our benefit, whether we understand the command or not. The harms of alcohol are self-evident. Let us abstain from all Haraam and treat the underlying causes in ourselves and in those under our care.
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