Smoking during pregnancy may hurt your chances for grandkids Print

Women who smoke during pregnancy run the risk of having boys with low sperm production in adulthood, an Australian study suggests.

“It is harder for men with low sperm counts to conceive children, or it may take a longer time to make the partner pregnant,” said Dr. Christine Wohlfahrt-Veje, a researcher at the University of Copenhagen who wasn’t involved in the study. “If women want to have grandchildren, they shouldn’t smoke,” Wohlfahrt-Veje added by email.

To see how exposures in the womb might influence men’s reproductive system later in life, researchers contacted men in their early 20s whose mothers had participated in a maternal and infant health study during pregnancies two decades earlier.

Low testosterone levels are associated with erectile dysfunction, reduced sex drive and decreased sperm count.

Men who were a healthy size in utero were also less likely to have low sperm counts than men who were unusually small or large as they developed during pregnancy, the study found. Smoking can stunt growth in utero.

One limitation of the study is that some men dropped out or opted out of the testicular function tests, which may bias the results, the authors note.

Even so, there’s plenty of solid evidence proving that women shouldn’t smoke during pregnancy. Among other things, it can increase the odds of complications during pregnancy and premature birth, impair brain development in utero and increase the odds of breathing difficulties and other childhood health problems like hyperactivity.
Summarised from http://uk.reuters.com/article/us-health-pregnancy-smoking-testicular-idUKKCN0ZV2NW
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