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Chapatti Trading CC t/a Alchem Labs

Category: Toiletries/Cosmetics, Skincare products

Tel: 023-232-0000

Address: 13 Spreeu Street, Gouda, Western Cape, South Africa

Certified Halaal by SANHA


1 Taahirah Advanced Whitening Complex 50ml
2 Taahirah Advanced Whitening Serum 20ml
3 Taahirah All Over Moisturiser 100ml
4 Taahirah Conditioning Shampoo 100ml
5 Taahirah Cuticle Oil 50ml
6 Taahirah Daily Protect With SPF 15 50ml
7 Taahirah Face + Body Wash 100ml
8 Taahirah Foot Balm 100ml
9 Taahirah Gentle Face Wash 200ml
10 Taahirah Hand Sanitiser 20ml
11 Taahirah Ihraam Soap 100g
12 Taahirah Intensive Eye Care 20ml
13 Taahirah Intensive Moisture 50ml
14 Taahirah Intensive Wrinkle Repair 20ml
15 Taahirah Lip Balm 20ml
16 Taahirah Mega Hydrate Serum 20ml
17 Taahirah Moisture Lite 50ml
18 Taahirah Moisture Mask 50ml
19 Taahirah Night Repair 50ml
20 Taahirah Purifying Complex 50ml
21 Taahirah Purifying Toner 200ml
22 Taahirah Purifying Wash 200ml
23 Taahirah Refreshing Foot Spray 100ml
24 Taahirah Satin Skin Exfoliator 50ml
25 Taahirah Silky Soft Body Moisturiser 200ml
26 Taahirah Silky Soft Body Scrub 200ml
27 Taahirah Silky Soft Body Wash 200ml
28 Taahirah Silky Soft Hand Cream 50ml
29 Taahirah Sun Protector Spf 20 50ml
30 Taahirah Whitening Toner 200ml
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