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Modern lifestyles often neglect proper convalescence, the necessary quiet time for the body to recuperate. Rushing to normal routine straight after surgery or flu can significantly delay recovery. However, excessive bed resting can have a negative effect of calcium in the skeleton. A balance is therefore essential.
Required nutrients

A convalescing diet should be nutrient rich and easy to eat and digest. Vitamin C and zinc are essential to help wounds heal. Iron assists the bloodstream to maintain a healthy level of oxygen-carrying haemoglobin in the bloodstream. 
Include fruit, vegetables, and starchy carbohydrate foods, with fish, poultry and dairy for easily digestible protein.
Adjust the diet to your individual requirements, e.g. high fibre foods cause bloating and can irritate scar tissue after major abdominal surgery.

Eating for Fitness

Lack of vitamin C can lead to poor wound healing and delay post-operative recovery. Convalescents require concentrated nutrients to fuel recovery. High-fibre, low-fat diets are thus unsuitable in their case and may even delay their recovery.
Recommended Menu

Choose items from below lists for convalescent meals:
  • Breakfasts porridge made with whole milk, full-fat yoghurt (gelatin free!) with honey or soaked dried fruits, croissants, poached eggs on toast. Refer also to our previous article for Talbeenah
  • Lunches fish in white sauce, meat in gravy, cheese dishes (e.g. macaroni cheese), chicken with herbs. Eat plenty of vegetables and include starchy foods e.g. pasta, rice, bread, or potatoes. A hearty soup makes a good main course. Yoghurt and baked custard make for light yet nourishing desserts.
  • Suppers should be lighter than other meals, e.g. salads and soup made with root vegetables. Warm milky drinks help one to sleep.
  • Snacks fruit (fresh or dried), nuts and seeds, half a sandwich, and glass of milk.
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