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Fresh Fruit Direct Pty Ltd T/A Fruitspot Durban

Category: Fruit & Vegetable Products

Tel: 031-480-3800

Address: 101 Archary Road, Clairwood, Durban, 4000, KZN, South Africa

Certified Halaal by SANHA



1 Marketside Baby Marrow Sliced 500g/1.5kg
2 Marketside Baby Potato And Parsley 600g/1.5kg
3 Marketside Brocolli Florets 500g/1kg
4 Marketside Butternut & Sweet Potato Cubed 500g/1kg/5kg/10kg
5 Marketside Butternut Cubed 500g/1kg/5kg/10kg
6 Marketside Butternut Soup 600g/1.2kg
7 Marketside Carrots Julienne 350g/500g/1.5kg/5kg/10kg
8 Marketside Carrots Roundels 350g/500g/1.5kg/5kg/10kg
9 Marketside Cauliflower Florets 350g/500g/1.5kg/5kg/10kg
10 Marketside Coleslaw 350g/500g/1.5kg/5kg/10kg
11 Marketside Country Soup 600g/1.2kg
12 Marketside Garlic Peeled 50g
13 Marketside Green Beans 350g
14 Marketside Green Beans Cut 500g/1.5g/5kg/10kg
15 Marketside Hawaiian Stirfry 600g
16 Marketside Julienne Stirfry 600g/1.5kg
17 Marketside Mixed Veg 500g/1.5g/5kg/10kg
18 Marketside Onion Rings White 300g/1.5kg
19 Marketside Potato Chips 800g/1.5kg
20 Marketside Potjie Mix 1kg/1.5kg/3kg/5kg/10kg
21 Marketside Pumpkin Quarter -
22 Marketside Roast Sweet Potato With Rosemary 600g
23 Marketside Butternut Cut 500g/1.5kg/3kg/5kg/10kg
24 Marketside Carrots Sliced 600g/1.5kg/3kg/5kg/10kg
25 Marketside Cauli/Broc Mix 3kg
26 Marketside Chilies: Whole 500g/1.5kg/3kg/5kg/10kg
27 Marketside Curry Leaves: Whole 500g/1.5kg/3kg/5kg/10kg
28 Marketside Jam Tomatoes: Whole 500g/1.5kg/3kg/5kg/10kg
29 Marketside Potato Halves 3kg/5kg/10kg
30 Marketside Potato Peeled 3kg/5kg/10kg
31 Marketside Potato Quarters 3kg/5kg/10kg
32 Marketside Potato Sliced 3kg/5kg/10kg
33 Marketside Potjie Veg 3kg
34 Marketside Pumpkin Cubed 500g/1.5kg/5kg/10kg
35 Marketside Pumpkin Cut 500g/1.5kg/3kg/5kg/10kg
36 Marketside Roast Mix Veg 600g/1.5kg/3kg/5kg/10kg
37 Marketside Seasonal Mix Veg 500g/1.5kg/5kg/10kg
38 Marketside Stirfry 600g/1.5kg/3kg/5kg/10kg
39 Marketside Sweet Potato Cubed 500g/1.5kg/5kg/10kg
40 Marketside White Cabbage Sliced 500g/1.5kg/5kg/10kg

41 Marketside Fruit Grapes Cup 400g
42 Marketside Fruit Mixed Fruit Cup 400g
43 Marketside Fruit Pineapple Cup 400g
44 Marketside Fruit Salad 300g/1kg/600g/5kg
45 Marketside Fruit Spanspek Cup 400g
46 Marketside Fruit Kebab -
47 Marketside Fruit Strawberry Cup 350g
48 Marketside Fruit Sweet Melon Cup 400g
49 Marketside Fruit Tropical Fruit Salad 500g/1kg/5kg
50 Marketside Sliced Pineapple
51 Marketside Sliced Spanspek -
52 Marketside Sliced Sweet Melon -
53 Marketside Sliced Watermelon -
54 Marketside Watermelon Halves -
55 Marketside Watermelon Quarter -

56 Marketside Garden Salad 250G
57 Marketside Greek Salad 250G
58 Marketside Salad Atchar 500g/1kg
59 Marketside Salad Beetroot 500g/1kg
60 Marketside Salad Carrot Pine 500g/1kg
61 Marketside Salad Chickpea Lentil 500g/1kg
62 Marketside Salad Coleslaw 500g/1kg/5kg/10kg
63 Marketside Salad Cooked Chakalaka 500g/1kg
64 Marketside Salad Duo 250G
65 Marketside Salad Pasta 250G
66 Marketside Salad Potato 500g/1kg/5kg/10kg
67 Marketside Salad Potato Chives 500g/1kg
68 Marketside Salad Red Coleslaw 500g/1kg/5kg/10kg
69 Marketside Salad Three Bean 500g/1kg
70 Marketside Dew Crisp Butter Lettuce Pack 200g
71 Marketside Dew Crisp Sativa Salad 300g
72 Marketside Dew Crisp Season Value Salad 170g
73 Marketside Dew Crisp Spinach In A Bag 300g/250g
74 Marketside Salad Pasta Tuna 350g/500g/600g
75 Marketside Salad Spicy Bombay 500g/1kg/5kg/10kg
76 Marketside Salad Spicy/Curry Pasta 500g/1kg/5kg/10kg
77 Marketside Salad Sweet Chili Potato 500g/1kg/5kg/10kg
78 Marketside Salad Veggie Pasta 350g/500g/600g
79 Marketside Salad Waldorf 500g/1kg
80 Marketside Sliced Watermelon 350g/500g/600g
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