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Pinetown - Joekels Tea Packers (Pty) Ltd, KwaZulu Natal Print

Joekels Tea Packers (Pty) Ltd

Category: Beverages Powders, Coffees & Teas

Tel: 031-709-1409

Address: 23-33 Hagart Road, Pinetown, KwaZulu Natal, South Africa

Certified Halaal by SANHA


1 Laager 10's display unit Rooibos LAR21 500g 26006822000578
2 Laager 10's pouch Rooibos LAR03 3Kg 6006822000536
3 Laager 160's carton Rooibos LAR160 400g 6006822001564
4 Laager 20's carton Rooibos LAR48 (8X6X20's), L20 (4X6X20's) 50g 6006822001687
5 Laager 40's carton Rooibos LAR02 (6X10X40's), L40 (4X6X40's) 100g 6006822000536
6 Laager 80's carton Rooibos LAR01 (12X4X80's) L80 (4X6X80's) 200g 6006822000529
7 Catering range - URN bags Joekels URN bags JUB01 4Kg 16006822001967
8 Catering range - URN bags PERKUP 2L 3016353 6Kg 16009701591573
9 Catering range - URN bags PERKUP 5L 3016339 8Kg 16009701591566
10 Catering range Black tea 10x100x1.5g TBC 1.5Kg TBC
11 Catering range Black tea 10x100x2.5g TBC 2.5Kg TBC
12 Catering range CAT1000 Black tea CAT1000 3Kg 6006822001625
13 Catering range CAT5000 Black tea CAT5000 9Kg N/A
14 Catering range CAT6000 Black tea CAT6000 12Kg N/A
15 Catering range CATBLACK Black tea CATBLACK 1.5Kg 6006822001632
16 Catering range CATRBS CATRBS 2Kg N/A
17 Catering range Joekels rooibos 80's JR80 160g 6006822001779
18 Catering range RAT5000 RAT5000 10Kg N/A
19 Catering range Rooibos 10x80x2g TBC 1.6Kg TBC
20 Joekels black tea 100's Black tea JB100 150g 6006822001762
21 Phendula 100's Black tea 13 250g 6006822000017
22 Phendula 10's display Black tea PT11 500g 6006822001939
23 Phendula 200's Black tea 2 500g 6006822001885
24 Phendula 26's Black Tea 11-Dec 65g 6006822000048
25 Teatime 100's Black Tea TT100/TT12 200g 6006822000611
26 Teatime 10's Black Tea TT120 2.4Kg 6006822001915
27 Teatime 10's Display Black Tea TT40 400g 6006822002349
28 Teatime 26's Black Tea TT26/TC22 52g 6006822002202
29 Teeco 100's Black Tea T024 250g 6006822001175
30 Teeco 10's Display Black Tea TO11/TO10 500g 6006822001953
31 Teeco 200's Black Tea 22702 500g 6006822001892
32 Teeco 26's Black Tea 22697/22698/ 22699 65g 6006822001144
33 Tetley 102's Black Tea TBT102/TBT10 280.5g 6006822001588
34 Tetley 26's Black Tea TBT24/TBT26 71.5g 6006822001694
35 Tetley Apple Flavoured Green Tea TGT22 30g 6006822002363
36 Tetley Green 102's Green Tea TGT102 153g 6006822002295
37 Tetley Green 20's Green Tea TGT20 30g 6006822002288
38 Tetley Lemon Flavoured Green Tea TGT21 30g 6006822002356
39 Tetley Mint Flavoured Green Tea TGT23 30g 6006822002370
40 Tetley String And Tag Black Tea TT01 400g 16006822002179
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