Non-certified Nestle infant foods
1. I have noticed some imported Nestle infant foods but I didn?t see the SANHA logo on them. Please clarify?
The following Nestle Infant products are imported and are NOT certified Halaal. Kindly exercise caution!
  • NESTLE Cereal Bars Strawberry Banana 6x156g ZA
  • NESTLE Cereal Bars Apple Cinnamon 6x156g ZA    
  • NESTLE Cereal Twsts Fruit+Ygt Banana Peach 8x120g ZA   
  • NESTLE Cereal Twsts Fruit+Ygt Strawberry Bluberry 8x120g ZA    
  • NESTLE LIL' CRUNCHIES Tomato 6x42g ZA  
  • NESTLE LIL' CRUNCHIES Mild Cheddar 6x42g ZA    
  • NESTLE PUFFS Apple Cinnamon 6x42g ZA   
  • NESTLE PUFFS Banana 6x42g ZA   
  • NESTLE PUFFS Peach 6x42g ZA    
  • NESTLE JUICE TREATS Tropical Fruit 6x170g ZA   
  • NESTLE JUICE TREATS Fruit Medley 6x170g ZA     
  • NESTLE FRUIT STRIPS  Wildberry 12x50g ZA       
  • NESTLE L'ENTREES Cheese Ravioli Tomato Carrot Peas Corn 12x187g ZA     
  • NESTLE PASTA PICKUPS Cheese Spinach Ravioli 8x170g ZA
  • NESTLE JOGOLINO Pear 6(4x100g) N1 ZA   
  • NESTLE JOGOLINO Strawberry 6(4x100g) N1 ZA     
  • NESTLE JOGOLINO Banana 6(4x100g) N1 ZA
  • NESTLE JOGOLINO Cereal & Biscuit 6(4x100) N1 ZA
  • NESTLE JOGOLINO Cereal & Vanilla 6(4x100) N1 ZA
  • NESTLE JOGOLINO Chocolate 6(4x100g) N1 ZA