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* Flash News 199
Qurbani Reaffirms our Submission and Strengthens our Relationship with Allah Ta’ala
* Flash News 198
The Cadbury Story in a Nutshell
* Musjid Times, no 113
Poison in Plain Sight

Deleted Outlets, No longer Certified

  • Sugarlicious Florida Ice Cream Palour (10.06.22)
  • Pedros Inanda - Engen Drive Tru Restaurant (10.06.22)
  • Desai'a Gourmet Deli Escourt Processed Meats (10.06.22)
  • Devcol t/a Ironbok, 2 Vonkel Road, Saxonburg Park 2, Kuils River Beverages (06.06.22)
  • Jo Guru CC, Arena Villa #4,Hares Ave, Woodstock, 7925, Cape Town, Sauces, Dips & Spreads (06.06.22)




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