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Rosslyn - WFM Wholesome Foods CC t/a Big M, Gauteng Print
WFM Wholesome Foods CC t/a  Big M

Category: Raw Materials

Location & Province: Rosslyn, Gauteng

Address: 6 Orange Avenue, Rosslyn, Pretoria, South Africa

Tel: +27 [0]12 541 6058
Fax: +27 [0]12 541 2503

Certified Halaal by SANHA

List of Products Manufactured by :: WFM Wholesome Foods CC
  • CS98 Low Fat White Starch Binder
  • EXOPLUS Full Fat Coarse Starch Yellow
  • EXOPLUS Full Fat Yellow Starch
  • Extruded Rice Flour
  • Maize Flour White
  • Maize Flour Yellow
  • SPM50 EXOPLUS Ful Fat Starch White
  • SPM5O Full Fat Coarse Starch White
  • YCS98 Low Fat Yellow Starch Binder
  • Extruded Maize Starch
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