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Theological Director's Report at the SANHA AGM 2008 Print
Sunday, 17 February 2008

Hartley Road School - Overport, Durban

We are indeed grateful to Allah for the innumerable and immeasurable bounties bestowed upon us, the most valuable of all being Imaan (faith).

Indeed our sojourn in this world is temporal and the very purpose of our existence here is to serve Allah, the Almighty, through our striving in His path for the development of our selves, our families, our neighbours, our fellowmen, our environment and humanity at large we can make this journey memorable and eternally rewarding.

Whilst we lament the pitiful condition of the Ummah, we should not allow despondency to over whelm us and must take solace from the initiatives and selfless dedication and determination of individuals, communities and institutions who are untiringly striving, both at macro and micro level, for the development and upliftment of the Ummah and society at large.

At SANHA, we are indeed grateful for the privilege of being given the opportunity to render service to the Ummah for over a decade.

Knowledge is the key to both material and spiritual success thus, notwithstanding the many milestones achieved during this period, the most heartening achievement is the Halaal education & awareness at all levels which is growing by the day.

Your presence here today gives impetus and is a source of great encouragement and inspiration for us all.



As is illustrated in the introductory pages of this brochure, the Ulama are and always have been the spine of this organisation. Not only at the executive level but also at management and operational level.

The Ulama met 5 times during the period under review on the occasions of Council Meetings, Executive Committee Meetings, Theological Committee meetings and Management Board Meetings.

The Theological component through its Fatwa Committee also addressed the following issues during the period:

  • Tartaric Acid
  • Shellac
  • Oyster Shell
  • Carbon dioxide extracted from the brewing process
  • Muslim Supervision of Meat Chain stores
  • Purchasing of meat from non-Muslims
  • Bakery enzymes

Notwithstanding, the regretted resignation of the Jamiat KZN, many Ulama in the region remain supportive of SANHA. To maintain a broad spectrum Ulama representation from across the country, Darul Ihsan under the able leadership of Mufti Zubair Bayat Saheb, accepted to fill the KZN region vacancy. We are confident that their input will assist in further developing the services and becoming an asset to the regional office and the organisation as a whole. We beseech your du’âs that Allah unite the hearts of the Ulama and the Ummah in general.



Alhamdulillah, Muslim Jamaats, Educational institutes and community organisations have been lending their support by registering as Associate Members. From our previous count of 84, this membership has now increased to 122. We record our appreciation to our Associate Members for their support and we request that your local Jamaats and community bodies also be motivated to lend support to this noble cause.



Alhamdulillah, due to the tremendous growth over the years, the operations have been streamlined and categorised as follows:

  • Office Management
  • Secretariat
  • Inspectorate Department
  • Applications Department
  • Regulatory Department
  • Consumer Department.

More than 100 staff are in the formal employ of SANHA and we have recently employed three additional Ulama in the KZN and Gauteng office respectively. Moulana Muhammad Ameer has been appointed as Office Administrator in KZN, Moulana Muhammad Ameen Ravat to assist in the Gauteng Applications Department and Moulana Qassim Husain in the Inspectorate Department.



Due the impact of globalisation, the demand for Halaal certification of products is increasingly growing. Some Muslim countries are now also insisting on Halaal certification of products imported into their land.

Over the period under review, SANHA has received 197 applications between its offices and only issued certification to 158.

This is ample testimony that the determining factor is compliance to Halaal standards and not monetary considerations.



Alhamdulillah, the development of this critical and most important activity has been given added attention. Additional three persons have been appointed as “Roving Inspectors”. Two workshops were held over the last year which proved to be very beneficial. An approximate 4890 inspections were conducted during the past year and 23 deviations were recorded which were addressed and resolved.



Alhumdulillah, SANHA has not only gained acceptance in Southern Africa but with Allah’s Grace, we have received accolades and recognition from Muslim governments and organisations in Muslim Minority countries too.


The first Halaal Science Centre in the world established by the Chulalongkorn University honoured SANHA as their "African guest" on the occasion of the International Islamic Cultural and Tourism Conference during September 2007.

A formal Memorandum of Agreement was signed between the Halaal Science Centre and SANHA on this occasion.

World Halaal Council (WHC)

On the occasion of the last Council Meeting held in November 2007, where elections were held for the 1st time, SANHA was elected to serve on the following Committees:

  • WHC Executive Committee.
  • WHC Sharî'ah Board
  • WHC Membership Committee.


There are ten (10) companies who have established an association with SANHA in this region. The two Ulama representatives who spent almost two months in training at our offices are providing logistical support and also assisting with preliminary inspections etc.

Alhumdulillah, the industry awareness is increasing and pressure from importing Muslim Countries has also contributed to the growing interest.


Meetings were held with:

  • JAKIM, the Halaal Agency of the Islamic Development Department, Malaysia
  • Halaal Development Corporation (HDC) - an organisation tasked with the responsibility to establish Malaysia as the world's Halaal Hub
  • Cocoland Confectionery - to verify the Halaal programme since the South African importer required our Halaal certification for products imported from them.
  • HalMart – a fully Halaal supermarket concept launched by Glohex who wishes to establish collaboration with SANHA for the development of this initiative.

Abu Dhabi

SANHA was represented by Hajee Suleman Mahomedy who was invited to present a paper on “Increasing market share by expanding Halaal products” at the Global Halaal Business Forum in Abu Dhabi during December 2007.




The Southern African Countries alliance has been further extended to Kenya in the last year. The Kenya Bureau of Halaal certification spent some time at our offices and have initiated the Halaal certification programme in Central Africa.


"Halaal Reunion", spearheaded by Mufti Ingar, has also recently been launched and are in contact with our offices for assistance in developing standards, systems and procedures.

South America

The Chile Islamic Centre represented by Moulana Sulayman Jada and Moulana Goolam Hussain (ex- South Africans) assists SANHA with logistical support in that part of the world. We are hopeful that the development of their Halaal programme will assist greatly in bringing a change to the anomalies prevalent with Halaal certification in Latin America.

Sri Lanka

The all Ceylon Jamiyyathul Ulama visited our offices and spent considerable time discussing SANHA’s standards and seeking direction on both Administrative and operational systems. They also maintain regular contact with our offices.



Alhumdulillah, this activity under the vibrant leadership of Hajee Ebrahim Lockhat has made good progress over the year under review. We highlight hereunder the salient achievements:

  • Engaging industry and regulatory role-players and government agencies in areas of mutual interest.
  • Making representation to the media and appearing on community Radio Stations in the various provinces and regions.
  • A user-friendly and highly informative website has been developed and regular updates are being done.
  • We intend introducing WAP so that people on the move can benefit from the information.
  • E-Bulletin – This electronic fortnightly newsletter has gained tremendous acceptance across the globe from a few thousand subscribers at inception stage to over 30, 000 at present.
  • Flash News – This concise 200 -word non-commercial, educational message blast is also circulated every alternate week. An omnibus print edition has also been initiated to cater for non-IT patrons.
  • Community Outreach programmes have been held at various venues in Gauteng, North West, Mpumalanga and KwaZulu-Natal in the past period. These programmes give an opportunity to directly interface with the various communities.



SANHA has launched this initiative in 2005 and Insha-Allah this year will witness the 3rd event to be hosted in conjunction with the Africa Big Seven Exhibition at the Gallagher Estate in July 2008.

Industry has been greatly impressed with this initiative and representatives from far afield as South America, USA, Europe, North Africa, Japan and Fiji have attended.



This service is one of its kind and Alhumdulillah, its popularity and growth is clearly depicted in the statistical graphs presented in the ensuing pages.

In addition to telephonic queries, email and facsimile queries are also attended to daily.


Alhumdulillah, this organisation has been more active with the appointment of Hafez Naeem Danka.

Regular interaction at regional and executive level has been established and a strategic plan of action will be put in action this year, Insha Allah.

We are hopeful that they will make further strides in the coming year.



In conclusion, I am most grateful to our Creator, Sustainer and Cherisher, Almighty Allah for granting me a new lease of life post the tragic accident experienced by my family and cannot adequately thank my elder Ulama, colleagues, members of the Executive, fellow staff and last but not the least the Muslim Ummah for their sincere duas and support during the trying period of our loss.

In closing, we request your dua's that Allah grant us all the sincerity, commitment and dedication to serve His Deen and may He crown our feeble efforts with success and acceptance in His Divine Court, Aameen.

Muhammad Saeed Navlakhi (Moulana)
Theological Director

ebi/2008-02-28 12:29:43

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