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Givaudan seeks to disrupt orange flavour expectations Print

Givaudan is introducing eight new orange flavours that it has developed using its TasteTrek system, which it expects to disrupt consumers’ preferences of orange and move the market forward.

The flavour and fragrance giant has a collaboration in place with the University of California in Riverside, USA, under which it has access to some 1000 different species varieties, some of which are not commercially available.

The new flavours were developed after a team of flavourists identified over 50 of interest, and analysed them on site and back in the laboratory. The result, the company says, expands its orange offering into new directions.

The new flavours include Gold Nugget, which is said to combine mandarin, lime mango and bergamot notes; Seedless Kishu, described as having hints of melon and pear with orange base notes; and Tarocco, which has hints of pineapple, green mango and a finish of summer berries.
Since citrus are the most popular flavours in beverages, the new additions are expected to be particularly interesting to Givaudan's customers' in that category.

Oranges are not the only citrus
The need to deliver new nuances of orange flavour has not gone unnoticed by other players in the flavour market.

German flavour firm Wild, for instance, announced in June the broadening its offering of citrus flavours with the addition of three exotic fruits to its range: dalandan, kalmansi and yuzu.

The German company's existing citrus operations revolve around oranges and lemons cultivated and processed at its facility in Valencia, Spain. The three new exotic citrus flavours it has added are also intended to meet the desire for new, innovative flavours.

SANHA certified
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