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EU to cut out wonky fruit rules Print
Fruit and vegetables have to comply with detailed EU rules

The European Commission is expected to scrap its controversial rules that prevent oddly-sized and shaped fruit and vegetables being sold in Europe.

The commission wants to trim its existing marketing standards for 26 types of produce.

The rules were introduced to ensure common EU standards, but are regarded by critics as examples of Euro-madness.

Some 20% of produce is rejected by shops across the EU because it fails to meet the current requirements.

'Good news'
Over the years the commission's regulations on fruit and vegetables became more restrictive - until stories about straight bananas became part of European folklore, the BBC's Dominic Hughes in Brussels says.

But while scrapping these regulations is about cutting red tape, it also reflects a belief that this just is not the sort of area where the EU should be legislating. It should be good news for hard-pressed consumers who will see cheaper - if slightly misshapen - vegetables appearing in the shops.


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