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Officers from 76 UK councils sampled 494 kebabs to test their nutritional value, during the Local Authority Coordinators of Regulatory Services (Lacors) study.

Geoffrey Theobald, of Lacors, said: "The level of saturated fat and salt in some is a serious cause for concern."

Among the kebabs sampled - without salad or sauces - the average doner contained 98% of an adult's recommended daily salt and 148% of their daily saturated fat allowance.

Some 35% of labels listed a different meat species than that actually found in the kebab. Six kebabs were even found to include pork when it had not been declared as an ingredient. Two of the six were had the audacity to be described as Halaal.

Mr Theobald said it was "totally unacceptable" that people with certain faiths were unknowingly eating meats that were against their beliefs.

"This study has turned the spotlight on doner kebabs and we hope that manufacturers rise to the challenge and work with councils to provide a healthier product that contains only what it says on the label," Mr Theobald said.

Research by the UK's Food Standards Agency in 2006 found that 18.5% of doner takeaways posed a "significant" threat to public health, and 0.8% posed an "imminent" threat.


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