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UK-based pro-breastfeeding group, Real Baby Milk, has criticised the European Union over the manner in which has been marketing European Parliament elections in June.

The posters highlighted various issues and one featured a laptop computer and a bottle of baby milk – suggesting a potential choice mothers had to make between working and caring for their children.

“The use of this image is thoughtless and careless,” said managing director of Real Baby Milk, Arwen Folkes. “The use of this image by a body such as the European Union sadly perpetuates the cultural assumption that bottle feeding is the normal way to feed babies.”

His group, and others like the UK-based group, Baby Milk Action (BMA), have long been in a battle to defend breastfeeding, which has been in decline as bottle-feeding rates have risen. The groups believe infant milk and follow-on formula is over-aggressively marketed, which contributes to this decline along with diminished infant health.

“We are all working hard to change negative social perceptions of breastfeeding and to properly inform and support mothers to give human milk to their babies and thereby improve their health

He called for the ad to be withdrawn and was joined by Andrew Duff MEP, the UK leader of the Liberal Democrats on the European Union who stated: “This image is not suitable to portray a family, other images could have been used, even a picture of a family.”

In various places in the Quraan and Hadith recommendations for breastfeeding are found. However, babies should not be breastfed once they are two years old.


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