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Dear Editor

Greetings to you

We cry "foul play" on some of the assumptions and accuracy in your article on the fraudulent use of our logo by a Nando�s outlet entitled "Nando�s caught in tug of war between halaal rivals" that appeared on Sunday 2nd March 2008.

Firstly, we are not at "odds over which is the recognized authority in the country" as stated. Our differences are on the Halaal certification standards and not recognition.

The Nando's director who had written to SANHA for details to which a reply was not forthcoming is blissfully unaware that we only received such a request on Monday 3/03/08, perhaps only prompted by your article that was published a day earlier. A copy is attached herewith, which will ruffle a few feathers.

The explanation by Mookadam of the logo on the packaging of crisps as the cause of the confusion is a red herring and disingenuous.

We enclose herewith instances where our logo has been used fraudulently by Nandos where correspondence was undertaken by them.

The chickens should come home to roost and Nandos together with their Halaal brood should take preventative measures to avoid feathers flying.

Kind regards

For South African National Halaal Authority
EBI Lockhat
Public Relations Officer

ebl/2008-05-26 16:16:11

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