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Our supermarket shelves, store-rooms and refrigerators bulge with an astonishing choice of foods from all over the country and even the rest of the world. Restaurants too, offer diverse menus and constantly cook up ways to attract your custom.

Marketing people employ specialised techniques and expertise to package and entice us to purchase more and more. Special promotions are specifically aimed at children who are expected to coerce their parents to part with their hard earned cash for an eat-out experience.

With all the abundance of food All?h has blessed us with, have you stopped for a moment and examined the groceries in your cupboard or the provision in your refrigerator? How sure are you that everything in there is guaranteed Hal?l?

Are you sure that;
?    The red colouring in your ice lolly is not the one derived from crushed insect?
?    The flour improver in your loaf of bread is not made from human hair?
?    Your French fries have not been coated with an animal shortening?
?    The crumbling on your fish fillet is not laced with animal stock?
?    The cheese you relish does not have pork ingredients?
?    The chocolate you crave for does not contain liquor?
?    The chicken fillet used in your Ramad?n savouries is not imported from China?
?    The braai sausage casing from your local butcher is not the one from Latin America?
The need for Hal?l certification
The need for Hal?l regulation is evident from the above

The growing trend of eating out is no exception to this minefield. The proliferation of fast-food franchises offering tantalising ranges of foods add to the confusion of Hal?l status.

Don?t be fooled! Some non-Muslim outlets employ a Muslim, complete with Isl?mic headgear, in the frontline. Many of these outlets receive their meats from non-Hal?l suppliers. One restaurant menu offers a variety of flavours ? ?hot,? ?mild,? ?peri-peri,? and ?Halaal.?

Are we witnessing the fulfilment of the prophecy of the Prophet [peace be upon him]:

?There will come a time upon my followers when people will not be concerned about what they consume. It will not matter to them whether it is Har?m or Hal?l.?

It is further reported, ?When such time appears, none of their supplications will be accepted.? [al-Bukh?r?]

How can we allow our Shar?? rights to be violated? Hal?l certification is the solution for both consumers and traders.

?    SANHA guarantees, without fera or favour, that products certified Hal?l are truly Hal?l.
?    SANHA endevours to increase the variety and availability of Hal?l products.
?    SANHA is guided by the Shar? ?ah under the stringent supervision and management by the Council of Ulam?.


Benefits of SANHA Hal?l Accreditation

  • Professional bona fide service
  • Consumer assurance. The SANHA logo is often the ultimate criteria to the Muslim consumer or businessman whether a product should be bought or not.
  • Recognition & responsibility of company?s Hal?l status
  • SANHA Hal?l certificate - a national and international guarantee of Hal?l compliance
  • Ongoing audits of the Hal?l programme ensure authenticity. SANHA?s certification is not a mere paper. It is a vigorous process from the onset and is ongoing.
  • Logistical support given to company R&D for new ingredient assessment etc
  • Company details listed on SANHA's list of accredited vendors on webpage. The SANHA webpage currently receives an average of 10,000 hits a month.
  • National exposure via SANHA?s newsletter/s & print media. An ?e-Bulletin? is sent twice a month to our 45,000 subscribers.
  • References given to potential local and global clients from as far off as Pakistan, the Emirates, the US etc.
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