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Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) Print

Many children display symptoms of this problem, such as inattention, hyperactivity, learning disorders, nervous twitches, aggression and emotional imbalances. These are realities of the stressful, dysfunctional world we live in.


Scientific studies have shown that not all children suffering from ADD are necessarily from dysfunctional homes; or from severely abnormal environments, such as constant exposure to television and computers with almost no physical exercise. Diet plays a great role. Sugar and processed foods should be limited.


Children are faced with stresses and pressures had not even thought of at that stage. Parents need to take account of the following in helping their children who may be suffering from ADD.



Balancing blood sugar through good organic or plant protein by small meals is often the first step. Hyperactivity equals low blood sugar that equals toxicity. Toxicity leads to allergies, cravings, addictions and several minor aliments which require constant medication. Supplements and essential fatty acids are vital formula for good health.


Learning disabilities

Children with learning disabilities have difficulty focussing on the mental level, so focus and the physical body, making learning fun and experiential. Ensure that they fully understand what they are learning and that they learn and apply it with pride. The greatest resource a parent has is, love and patience. Learning to place boundaries can be difficult, but is necessary in the long run.



Medication has huge toxic side effects and could possibly result in addiction and illicit use later in life. Be sure that resorting to keeping the peace now does not result in having bigger problems later.


Children are individuals

Each child is unique and needs its own approach, diet and limits. Schools do not have the capacity for individual treatment of each child. Choose smaller schools if possible, for at least a degree of more attention. Children re special, not problems.


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