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And We Created from Water ... Print

The paramount importance of water is understood by the declaration of the Quran, "And We created from water every living thing..."


Islam's emphasis on the importance and respect of water is well known. For example, we know that Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam forbade wasting water even when performing Wudu from a flowing river.


Water crystals

A new amazing aspect has been revealed to the mysteries of water. Dr Masaru Emoto of Japan has discovered that water crystals respond to our words. Say, "love" for example, in any language, and water crystals take on beautiful forms. Dr Emoto's experiments also show these shapes form when prayers are recited ... and the Quraan! Conversely, "hate/war" etc. produces malformed, disordered images.


Zam Zam

Dr Emoto developed the method of frozen water photography when experimenting on measuring water quality. The purer the water, the higher the chance of crystals appearing. The percentage goes up to 30 – 40%. Most interestingly is that Zamzam does not produce one crystal, but a unique double hexagon, one above the other.


Discovering Allah

The Quraan and Hadith are replete with admonitions for Allah's slave to examine His handiworks, to realise an inkling of His magnificence and existence. Although the Doctor is not Muslim, we can as believers appreciate these words of his, "Although I was an atheist before, I became a firm believer of the existence of what people call God after encountering the water crystals."


Good words and Dua

The Doctor also points out that since the human body consists of 75% water and water is affected by words, words can have an impact on the human system. This is inline with Islamic instructions of speaking Qawl Maroof (good, kind words). We are also taught to recite, "Bismillah" (in Allāh’s Name) before drinking and, "alhamdulillah" (all praise be to Allah) thereafter.


The dua when drinking water is:

الحمد لله الذى سقانا عذبا فراتا برحمته و لم يجعله ملحا أجاجا بذنوبنا

Alhamdu lillahillazi saqaana azban furatan bi rahmatihi wa lam yaj‘alhu milhan ujaajan bizunoobina

All praise be to Allah Who gave us sweet water to drink through His mercy, and did not make it salty and bitter through our sins.


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