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With the public?s conspicuous ongoing consumption of poultry certified by SANHA giving the Majlis / De Deur group?s long-running malicious campaign a body blow of sound rejection, Molvi AS Desai has found a new bedfellow, Molvi Moosa Olgar in an attempt to bolster it.

Molvi AS Desai has chosen to publicise Molvi Olgar?s affidavit issued 4 months ago from the impending court action against SANHA and the MJC in his capacity as Chairman of the Scholars of the Truth.

Perhaps mindful of the stark reality of the affidavits being cross-examined in the cold light of day and under strict legal interrogation, Molvi Desai seeks to incite public emotion with inflammatory language which has sadly been his conduct over the years.


Though SANHA has resolved not to be distracted by the negative pamphleteering, we are compelled to respond since Molvi Olgar holds a senior position on the Shura of the Jamiatul Ulama KZN. It is alleged that though the Jamiat KZN Shura has not supported his affidavit, Molvi Olgar saw fit to continue ?in his individual capacity?.

We crystallize hereunder a few clear cut questions and clarify the facts which will, Insha-All?h, put the minds and hearts of the community at ease:

1. Relevance of time. Molvi Olgar?s crafted affidavit is of a visit in 2004 and does neither mention all the facts nor takes into account the chain of events upto the current situation in 2010.

2. Why has Molvi Olgar now decided to circulate an affidavit in 2010 regarding a visit which took place in 2004? How did he manage to sleep for six (6) years knowing that the Ummah are eating so-called ?Haraam? chicken?

3. Senior Ulama Members present at the Jamiatul Ulama Transvaal and O.R. Tambo meetings of 2004 are disillusioned by the half truths, selective quotations and distortion of the proceedings recorded by Molvi Olgar.

4. The respected Ulama mentioned in Molvi Olgar?s affidavit viz Mufti Zubair Bayat Saheb and Moulana Ahmed Kathrada Saheb, now members of Darul Ihsan Islamic Services, are members of SANHA. Infact Darul Ihsan serves on the SANHA Ulama Council, Executive Committee and Management Board of SANHA. Their Ulama members endorse SANHA?s position on the Halaal status of Rainbow Chicken and other SANHA certified commercially produced poultry.

5. The businessman, Brother Yusuf Desai, who is referred to in Molvi Olgars affidavit as ?a big buyer of Rainbow Chicken?, who allegedly arranged the clandestine inspection for Molvi Olgar?s group to this day not only stocks Rainbow Chicken but advertises and promotes Rainbow products. The community of Stanger will testify to this. We however, do not believe that as a Muslim and a leading member of the community that he would stoop to the despicable act of stocking and selling ?Haraam products? as stated by Molvi Olgar.

6. Molvi Olgar?s group?s report of October 2004 to the then president of Jamiat KZN, Moulana Haroon Abasoomar Saheb which forms the basis of the affidavit does not have any declaration or mention of the poultry being ?Haraam?.

7. Infact, Rainbow?s archived production records of the day of the inspection in 2004 of production quantity, line speed etc does not coincide with the figures quoted by Molvi Olgar. At the appropriate forum Molvi Olgar?s ?expertise? in poultry will be called on to explain these discrepancies.

8. Since the inspection of 2004 and up to the present moment which includes the Jamiat KZN?s resignation from SANHA in 2007, inspections have been carried out by several members of the Jamiat KZN who declared the products to be Halaal. Some of these members are Mufti Yunus Bobat, Moulana MS Abdul Gafoor and Moulana Maseehullah Kajee representing the Jamiat KZN Halaal Desk.

9. In addition, leading senior Ulama of South Africa the likes of Hazrat Mufti Razaul Haq Saheb, Mufti Siraj Desai Saheb, Mufti Shafieq Jakhura Saheb, Mufti AK Hoosen Saheb, Moulana Shabeer Asmal, Moulana Muhammad Vanker Saheb and Moulana Ebrahim Bham Saheb among others also visited the Rainbow Hammarsdale plant over a year ago and confirmed the chickens to be Halaal.

10. In damning evidence, the report of the Annual General Meeting of the Jamiat KZN in 2009 clearly records Moulana Hasan Murchie and Moulana Iqbal Rawat of the Jamiat KZN Midlands branch?s endorsement of SANHA?s Halaal programme on their visit to the Rainbow plant.

11. At no stage since 2004 did the Jamiat KZN, of which Molvi Olgar is a Shura member, made any unequivocal and categoric announcement that Rainbow Chicken products and other commercially produced poultry are ?Haraam?. The Jamiat KZN also continues to give approval to consumers through their downstream certification of outlets who source commercially slaughtered poultry certified by SANHA.

SANHA through its Halaal program, continuous onsite supervision and unfettered inspections, stands by the testimony of its Ulama that Rainbow Chicken products are Halaal.

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