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Bismillahir-Rahmaanir-Raheem,                               Assal?mu ?alaykum,

De Deur?s Devious Deception Debunked

Triggered by his failure to provide a civil and simple reply to our private request (Annexure A) to verify a rumour concerning his Madrasah, Molvi Hashim Boda launched a grand public diversionary stunt. With his known penchant for histrionics and theatrics such as the mighty oath taking ceremony, orchestrating the disruption of a Musjid program, gate-crashing a radio staffers home, mass distribution and printing of malicious and inflammatory literature, he came out with guns blazing cowboy style issuing a challenge to SANHA and individuals to a public meeting, even mentioning the iconic American movie title of High Noon along the way. (Annexure B).

Raving and ranting with highly-charged emotive and confrontational language, interspersed with untruths, personal insults and even the melodrama with the borrowing of Muhammad Ali?s phraseology from his 1974 boxing title fight in the African country then known as Zaire, that ports, airports be placed on high alert and even elephant trails be watched in case his opponent chickened out and wanted to leave the country. The fact that this is not a public spectacle boxing match or that the proponents are in their own country, escaped Molvi Boda?s attention when he aimed his malicious barbs at Moulana Navlakhi and Mufti Seedat. In the meantime the original query remains unanswered.

The call for a public meeting is a calculated charade of grand diversion and deception to rally and hype the public against SANHA. The strategy is to place onerous conditions that renders it impossible for SANHA to participate and then to quickly put a massive spin on this refusal thereby creating the perception that SANHA does not want a meeting, is afraid and has something to hide. They assume that the public will view SANHA as the guilty party whilst regarding Molvi Boda and his cronies as the saviours of the Muslim community. This is an insult to the intelligence of the Ummah who are more than capable of applying their own minds and drawing their own conclusions as they have demonstrated on many issues over the years.

SANHA will not be intimidated, browbeaten and bullied by the intimidation tactics of the cabal of Molvi Hashim Boda of the Jamiat De Deur, Molvi Desai of the Majlis P.E, and their assortment of associates. We list below the crisp issue and the reasons that preclude SANHA from allowing its principles and mission to be ambushed.

1. Subversion of a Judicial Process.

Molvi Hashim Boda is the father-in-law of Molvi Farhaan Patel who resides and operates as the Scholars of the Truth (SOTT) at the same De Deur address.  Together with the Chairman of the SOTT, Molvi A S Desai of the Majlis, they initiated legal action against SANHA last year claiming in their legal submission that ?besides the court interdict there is no other remedy available nor is there any hope of solving this problem which the Muslim community is facing?

If the finding is in favour of the SOTT then Muslims will stop eating, stocking and selling these poultry products and there will be no need for SANHA?s certification. Why after initiating this costly legal process with this expectation last year which has not run its course, does this Trinity of the father-in-law, son-in-law and their holy master wish to pre-empt its outcome by this public challenge? Why the contradiction from ?no other remedy? to the new demand for the ?issues be settled once and for all? by a Kangaroo court?

2. Kangaroo Court

The outcome of a trial by "kangaroo court" is determined in advance by going through the motions of manipulated procedure. It denies due judicial processes such as the right to call and cross examine witnesses, not to incriminate oneself, the right not to be tried on secret evidence, the right to exclude evidence that is improperly obtained, irrelevant or inherently inadmissible e.g. hearsay, punishment for perjury, the right to exclude judges on the grounds of partiality or conflict of interest, the right of appeal etc

By issuing edicts like an Emperor or a royal decree by a monarch as Molvi Boda has done with his ?open challenge notice? with a 5 hour reply deadline, to which there was no discussion or agreement on the ?charge?, the terms of reference of the hearing and who would sit in judgement, the jurisdiction and acceptance to abide by the rulings, sanctions and enforcement of any orders, has all the ingredients for a Kangaroo court. The fact that Molvi Boda touts the appointment of Mufti Elias and Molvi Olgar who have issues or are part of the legal action brought against us by his son-in-law and that he has already provided them and others ?with evidence of the conniving and sinister manner in which you operate..? reinforces the status of this Kangaroo Court.

With Molvi Boda and his collaborators as judge, jury and executioners, where is the Haqq and the concept of justice espoused in the Noble Quraan?

3. Position

Disputes are a result of parties each stubbornly adopting a position on an issue or range of issues that differs and opposes those held by another. Any conciliation or even a hearing to determine which party is correct or for a compromise to be reached, concessions need to be made to enable them to arrive at an amicable solution and live in tolerance. The position of each party is put on the table upfront.

SANHA?s Position

SANHA?s through its Halaal program, continuous onsite supervision and unfettered inspections, stands by the testimony of its Ulama that poultry products it has certified are Halaal.

Molvi Boda / Majlis Axis Position

The known position of Molvi Boda, his mentor, Molvi Desai and cohorts is shown below. Can they state whether they are willing to modify or amend the following at any public meeting?

(i)  All commercially slaughtered chickens in South Africa are Haraam including eggs. ?The carrion and eggs of brutality produced by the satanic carrion chicken industry certified by the MJC and SANHA are not fit for even dogs according to the Shariah??

(ii) ?SANHA as a certifying body with its staff and ULAMA are ?murtads?? (apostates), i.e. out of the fold of Islam.  Therefore, slaughter by ?murtads? would render the products Haraam.

(iii) Muftis who aver that commercially processed chickens are Halaal are not true Muftis. They are defective in even textual knowledge, and totally bereft off spiritual knowledge

 (iv) ?The word of a non-Muslim manufacturer is more reliable and acceptable than the words and assurances of a body such as SANHA? and that ?the certification SANHA issues has no validity?

(v) ?SANHA indulges in riba (interest) money?. ?The funds it sucks from traders on the basis of these Haraam scraps of papers and for its lousy superficial ?inspections?, is Riba according to the Shariah.? SANHA according to you indulges in riba and the products they certify are Haraam.

(vi) Patronising and consuming food from any franchise outlet is Haraam as the "franchise agreement is Haraam", franchise fee is riba", "it is Haraam to purchase stock from the stipulated supplier", and "it is permitted by the Shari?ah to falsify turnover figures.?

(vii) Food outlets serving Muslim females are condemned, ?Even if the restaurant is owned by a pious Muslim, it remains Haraam for Muslim females even if accompanied by their mahram males and even if they are fully covered with hijaab dress, to cast aside their hayaa and in violation of the Qur?aanic prohibition leave their home precincts to eat in a public restaurant. This prohibition will apply even if a separate room is made available for the ladies in the restaurant?

(viii) SOTT objective according to its constitution is ?to combat the fraudulent ?halal? certification industry which has commercialized Islam for the acquisition of monetary gain?

(ix) Independent Ulama who have visited Rainbow slaughter process and were satisfied are imbecile moron Molvis who have lost their Imaan and behind whom Salaat is not valid.

4. Goodwill and Sincerity of Purpose

In any conflict situation, notwithstanding the differences, participants are reliant on recognition of the sincerity of purpose for the parties, mutual respect and some amount of goodwill to build towards common ground. This has been the case since times immemorial, from the affairs of nations to family disputes. With tact, diplomacy and even use of intermediaries, the goodwill between individuals is called on to placate and overcome distrust and animosity.

In the case of the axis of Molvi Boda, Molvi AS Desai and cohorts, they do not wish to be reconciled in any way and have actively widened the gulf of hostility with their numerous ongoing blatant attacks on SANHA and individuals. From name calling, declaring peoples nikah as invalid and out of the fold of Islam and cursing, insults of manhood etc as can be seen from Molvi Boda?s ?open challenge?. He does not even bother to address people by their title. (See Annexure B)

Even worse is Molvi AS Desai?s response to us on the query to Molvi Boda.  (See Annexure C)

How can anyone reconcile with a party or individuals that do not wish to resolve the issue and not even an iota of goodwill exists.

We also do not understand the reference to violence. Perhaps Molvi Boda is mindful of the potential danger of this with his experience of instigating slaughterers to be present at the SANHA programme at the Mayfair Musjid which ended in chaos, ?violence erupted. At least two people were assaulted, and the police had to be called.?  or the words of his son in law when he says in his court submission, ?it is not far-fetched to say that the masses are liable to resort to spontaneous violence?.

SANHA will not condone violence from any quarter including its own supporters. Any such acts will be responded to with the full might of the law.  

No amount of raving, ranting and pontificating against SANHA will camouflage Molvi Bodas devious deception and diversion to resuscitate his flagging campaign against moderation and the Truth, Insha Allah.

Was Salaam

South African National Halaal Authority
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