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The tiger cannot change its stripes. Like Tiger Woods, the Majlis’s latest slice “SANHA and the Casino” is par for the course.

The Islamic principle of verifying information before rushing to print is totally alien to Molvi AS Desai, the De Deur alliance and their cohorts as it cannot accord to their serial slandering ways for which there is a grievous penalty in this world and the Hereafter.

We have written to him on this previously as well but to no avail. Click link to see our letter to him (http://www.sanha.org.za/pdf/moulanadesai.pdf)

If he was able to fight this addiction to slandering and sought an explanation on the use of the SANHA logo, he would have discovered the following.

1. SANHA has no agreement with any casino outlet in certifying their premises or products.

2. SANHA has steadfastly refused numerous applications for certification of outlets trading independently but are situated in the precincts of the casino premises.

3. SANHA has certified a Muslim owned bottler of water, “Minerale”, situated at Mia’s farm that uses our logo on his products.

4. This bottler has supplied his product to the Casino under their house brand with our logo which was neither known nor authorized by us.

5. The bottlers have acknowledged this inadvertent error and tendered an apology.

In keeping with the miscreant groups known modus operandi, please expect a number of forwarded emails with the same message and/or photograph. Always look for the original sender.

May Allah (SWT) save us from this fitnah of the highest order and protect the Ummah from disharmony, division and slander of the envious ones.

Was Salaam
South African National Halaal Authority
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