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25th – 27th JULY 2010
Promoting Halaal Product Manufacturers and Suppliers to a Growing Global Market.

SANHA Pavilion offers YOU the amazing opportunity to market your products at Africa’s Biggest Trade event at an affordable cost!

“Continent-wide, concerted and ongoing – that’s the advertising and promotions campaign that’s been behind the visibly growing success of Africa’s Big Seven Trade Exhibition.”

We have created categories in our Pavilion which highlights your product and places YOU among the competition for Halaal recognition!

Under one roof, a dedicated area and exhibition space will be provided for Halaal certified companies for poster display, handing out of brochures, sampling and limited product display.

The cost to participate will be as follows:

* 2 x 2m² Stand R10 032.00 incl VAT
* 3 x 3m² Stand R22 572.00 incl VAT
* Stand Panel R 7 500.00 incl VAT (960mm x 2400mm)
* A1 Poster Board R 5 700.00 incl VAT (841mm x 594mm)
* Sample/Product display R 2 000.00 incl VAT
Mention of your company will also be made in SANHA publications at no further cost.

Maybe its a joint venture, a new export order with the lower rand exchange, a new product launch etc – an opportunity may be waiting for you...

MISS IT AND YOU MISS OUT on one of the most exciting event in years!   GO FOR IT!


SANHA Durban Office
Tel  : 031-207 5768
Fax : 031-207 5793
email :

Why go OVERSEAS to find new products and services when you can meet HUNDREDS of international suppliers right here on your own doorstep.

Companies from 35 countries keen to do business in Africa and coming to see YOU!
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