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Dear Mr. Dlamini

Pastor Vusi Dube is in serious need of a reality check as his bigoted views serve no purpose except oxygenate the dying embers of apartheid and intolerance.

It was in the name of Christianity that lands were plundered and people were subjugated in the most inhuman way which includes the ancestors of Pastor Dube.

All religions including Christianity talks about the brotherhood of man, preach tolerance and doing good deed to others. We have a shared history of centuries of trials and tribulations and over hundreds of years in the South African context to build a Rainbow nation with the greatest constitution in the world.

Pastor Dube’s call is a rejection of universal human rights, an insult to the struggle of liberation and a grave disservice to its heroes both living and dead.

Apart from it being inaccurate it is also an irresponsible statement considering that non Christian visitors including Muslims will be descending in their thousands for the 2010 World Cup in a few weeks.

God Bless Africa and all its people.
Yours sincerely

For South African National Halaal Authority  

EBI Lockhat

Public Relations Officer   

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