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  • Halaal certification and monitoring;
  • Review of your existing Halaal program;
  • Use of the SANHA logo and merchandising marks;
  • Answering Halaal enquiries;
  • Specialised supervision of specific function catering;
  • Educational programs for schools;
  • Conducting briefings and workshops on Halaal certification procedures;
  • Dissemination of information to consumers via newsletters, leaflet, electronic mail, trade fairs, exhibitions, radio, print and electronic media;
  • Educating the public on Islamic dietary laws and practices;
  • Monitoring and acting on abuse of Halaal marks
  • Investigating Halaal complaints from both the consumer and industry;
  • Keeping the consumer and industry fully informed at the national level with respect to fraudulent or deceptive practices;
  • Assistance with export markets
  • Issuing of Halaal export certificates.


Other Services

Halaal Helpline 0861 786 111
Due to public demand, a centralised national helpline call centre has been established to deal with consumer queries. Approximately 60-80 telephonic queries are received on a daily basis.

An average of 30 queries are received by electronic mail on a daily basis as well.

Specialised supervision of specific function catering
Assistance is given to companies desirous of having a Halaal catered function or to hotels, etc. who have requests for specific Halaal function catering

Educational Programs for Schools
SANHA facilitates programs at both primary and teriary institutions to educate learners regarding the precepts of Halaal dietary law.

Halaal Verification of Imported Products
Companies wishing to import Halaal products contact SANHA to verify and endorse Halaal status of such products. Where required, verification audits are conducted by SANHA members.

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