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23 July 2010

The Editor
Eastern Express

Dear Sir,

We refer to your letters column of 23/7/2010 and refute the allegation by the correspondent on the Halaal status of Rainbow chickens.

The saga that is played out has been through the uttering of an extremist group who has declared that all commercial poultry products are not fit for human consumption and not just Rainbow.

The fact that all Halaal certifying bodies through their direct product certification or acceptance of it in their downstream certification of premises utilizing it confirms their acceptance of Rainbow Chickens Halaal status. Furthermore thousands of Muslim butchers and retailers who are bound Islamically to stock only Halaal products continue stocking it is proof that the correspondents view is not supported.

Whilst Mufti Elias is entitled to his opinion, he is not a ?papal? or a sole theocracy for all Muslims. Many prominent and eminent theologians including those who serve on Halaal certifying bodies endorse the Halaal status of the Rainbow product.

Finally, instead of your correspondent questioning the Theologians of the Phoenix area, he should apply the Islamic principle as laid down by the Prophet (Peace be upon him) to abstain from consuming that on which he has doubt.

As an alternative to abstention, your readers will concur that the Phoenix area has many entrepreneurs who provide live and/or dressed poultry delivered to one?s door.

Let?s light a candle rather than cursing the darkness.

Kind regards

Yours sincerely
For South African National Halaal Authority
EBI Lockhat
Public Relations Officer
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