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Since its establishment in 1996, SANHA has received overwhelming support from both the consumer and the broader industry role players who longed for a cohesive, uniformed approach in the certification of Halaal products.

In a short span of time, SANHA has accredited more than a thousand establishments.

In a survey conducted by a major corporate company in over 50 companies, 92% of surveyed business voted in favour of SANHA. We strive to promote SANHA in the Halaal industry thereby providing an excellent and professional service to the industry and a guaranteed assurance in preserving the right of the Halaal-conscious consumer.

We believe that an organic growth is essential in order to maintain efficiency in our service and uphold the necessary criteria required in terms of the Divine Dictates of the Shari'ah (Islamic Law).


  1. Recognition & responsibility of company's Halaal status;
  2. SANHA Halaal Certificate - A national & international guarantee of Halaal compliance;
  3. Ongoing audits of the Halaal programme;
  4. Logistical support given to company R&D for ingredient assessment;
  5. Company details listed on SANHA's list of accredited vendors on SANHA website;
  6. National exposure via SANHA's newsletter/s & radio, press, print and electronic media;
  7. References given to potential clients local / international;
  8. The SANHA certificate/licence is an authoritative, reliable and independent testimony to support your claim as a manufacturer or operator that your products or foods meet Halaal requirements. Consumers on a local and global level have greater confidence in consuming such products or foods;
  9. SANHA publishes regular bulletins which also include an updated listing of accredited establishments;
  10. The promotion of Halaal product(s) through a bonafide, recognised body will enhance its value both at industry and consumer level.
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