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Imana Foods (Pty) Ltd


Category: Culinary Products, Soya Mince, Stock Cubes, Soups, Spices, Suaces, Gravies


Address: 115 Shepstone Road, New Germany, Durban, KwaZulu Natal, South Africa.


Tel: 031 719 0400


Certified Halaal by SANHA


List of Products Manufactured by : : Imana Foods (Pty) Ltd



1 Top Class Coatings BBQ 500g
2 Top Class Coatings Chicken 200g, 500g
3 Top Class Coatings Original 200g, 500g
4 Top Class Coatings Peri Peri 500g

5 Top Class Curry Hot 100g, 500g
6 Top Class Curry Mild Spicy 100g, 500g

7 Imana Instant Gravy Brown Onion
8 Imana Instant Gravy Roast Chicken
9 Imana Instant Gravy Roast Meat
10 Imana Instant Gravy Spicy Chilli

11 Imana Cook In Sauce Bolognaise
12 Imana Cook In Sauce Chicken Ala King
13 Imana Cook In Sauce Family Stew
14 Imana Cook In Sauce Mild Natal Curry
15 Imana Instant Sauce Cheddar Cheese
16 Imana Instant Sauce Mushroom
17 Imana Instant Sauce White

18 Top Class Sheba Mix BBQ 200g, 500g
19 Top Class Sheba Mix Chicken 200g, 500g
20 Top Class Sheba Mix Chilli 500g
21 Top Class Sheba Mix Steak & Chops 200g, 500g
23 Imana Packet Soup Beef & Onion 60g
24 Imana Packet Soup Brown Onion 60g
25 Imana Packet Soup Chicken Noodle 60g
26 Imana Packet Soup Chilli Beef & Veg 60g
27 Imana Packet Soup Cream Of Chicken 60g
28 Imana Packet Soup Cream Of Mushroom 60g
29 Imana Packet Soup Cream Of Veg 60g
30 Imana Packet Soup Minestrone 60g
31 Imana Packet Soup Oxtail 60g
32 Imana Packet Soup Tomato 60g
33 No 1 Soup Brown Onion 100g, 200g, 400g
34 No1 Soup Chicken 100g, 200g,400g
35 No1 Soup Chilli Beef 100g, 200g,400g
36 No1 Soup Minestrone 100g, 200g,400g
37 No1 Soup Mutton 100g, 200g,400g
38 No1 Soup Oxtail 100g, 200g,400g
39 No1 Soup Rich Beef 100g, 200g,400g
40 Supersheba Chicken BBQ 20g, 75g
41 Supersheba Chilli Beef 20g, 75g
42 Supersheba Mutton 20g, 75g
43 Supersheba Oxtail 20g, 75g
44 Supersheba Savoury Cheese 20g, 75g
45 Supersheba Spicy Beef 20g, 75g
46 Supersheba Steak & Chops 20g, 75g
47 Supersheba Tomato & Onion 20g, 75g
48 Top Class Soup Beef 500g
49 Top Class Soup Chicken 500g
50 Top Class Soup Chilli Beef 500g
51 Top Class Soup Minestrone 500g
52 Top Class Soup Oxtail 500g
53 Top Econo Soup Beef & Veg 5kg
54 Top Econo Soup Chicken 5kg
55 Top Econo Soup Chilli Beef 5kg
56 Top Econo Soup Minestrone 5kg
57 Top Econo Soup Oxtail 5kg
58 Top Econo Soup Rich Beef 5kg
59 Top Class Soup Mutton 500 g
60 Choppies Soup Minestrone 60 g
61 Choppies Soup Oxtail 60 g
62 Choppies Soup Chilli Beef 60 g
63 Choppies Soup Cream of Chicken 60 g
64 Choppies Soup Chakalaka 60 g

65 Imana Soya Mince Beef & Onion 100 g, 200 g, 400 g
66 Imana Soya Mince Chakalaka 100g,200g,400g
67 Imana Soya Mince Chicken 100 g, 200 g, 400 g
68 Imana Soya Mince Chicken Ala King 100g,200g,400g
69 Imana Soya Mince Chilli Beef 100g,200g,400g
70 Imana Soya Mince Lamb Breyani 100g,200g,400g
71 Imana Soya Mince Mutton 100g,200g,400g
72 Imana Soya Mince Oxtail 100g,200g,400g
73 Imana Soya Mince Peperoni 100g,200g,400g
74 Imana Soya Mince Savoury 100g,200g,400g
75 Imana Soya Mince Steak & Chops 100g,200g,400g
76 Imana Soya Mince Tomato & Onion 100 g, 200 g, 400 g
77 Top Class Mince Beef & Onion 100g, 200g, 500g
78 Top Class Mince Chilli Beef 100g, 200g, 500g
79 Top Class Mince Minestrone 100g, 200g
80 Top Class Mince Mutton 100g, 200g, 500g
81 Top Class Mince Oxtail & Tomato 100g, 200g, 500g
82 Top Class Mince Tomato & Onion 500 g
83 Top Econo Mince Beef 5kg
84 Top Econo Mince Beef & Onion 5kg
85 Top Econo Mince Chilli Beef 5kg
86 Top Econo Mince Mutton 5kg
87 Top Econo Mince Mutton With Veg 5kg
88 Top Econo Mince Rich Beef
89 Top Econo Mince Tomato & Onion 5kg
90 Top Econo Mince Tomato & Onion With Veg 5kg

91 Top Class Spice Original 200g, 500g
92 Top Class Spice Steak & Chops 200g, 500g

93 Econo BBQ 400g
94 Econo Chicken 400g
95 Econo Original 400g
96 Econo Steak & Chops 400g
97 Top Class BBQ 400g
98 Top Class Chicken 400g
99 Top Class Chilli Beef 400g
100 Top Class Original 400g
101 Top Class Steak & Chops 400g
102 Uncles BBQ 400g
103 Uncles Beef 400g
104 Uncles Chicken 400g
105 Uncles Chilli Beef 400g
106 Uncles Chilli Spicemat 400g
107 Uncles Mutton 400g
108 Uncles Original 400g
109 Uncles Steak & Chops 400g

110 Gourmet Country Chicken 12's
111 Gourmet Karoo Lamb 12's
112 Gourmet Onion Leek 12's
113 Gourmet Rich Beef 12's
114 Imana Beef 2's, 6's, 12's, 24's, Jars
115 Imana Chicken 2's, 6's, 12's, 24's, Jars
116 Imana Chilli Beef 2's, 6's, 12's, 24's, Jars
117 Imana Curry 12's
118 Imana Garlic & Herb 12's
119 Imana Green Pepper & Onion 12's
120 Imana Mutton 2's, 6's, 12's, 24's, Jars
121 Imana Oxtail 2's, 6's, 12's, 24's, Jars
122 Imana Veg 12's

123 Beef Flavoured
124 Chicken Flavoured
125 Imana Stock Powder Beef
126 Imana Stock Powder Chicken

127 Imana Final Touch Cube Cheese
128 Imana Final Touch Cube Original
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