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  • What or who is SANHA?
    • SANHA stands for the South African National Halaal Authority;
    • SANHA aims for the highest standards of certification thereby guaranteeing real Halaal;
    • SANHA is a nationally represented, professional, non-profit organisation;
    • SANHA administers the Halaal Industry primarily keeping the Halaal-conscious consumer at heart;

  • Why was SANHA established?
    • SANHA was established primarily to unify the processes of Halaal certification and monitoring;
    • Remember, the Halaal industry does not start and end with meat and poultry products. It extends over the entire range of products from food to pharmaceuticals, from additives to preservatives, from preparation to storage & transportation, from source to you, the Consumer;
    • To eradicate confusion by providing accurate information on Halaal and Haraam issues;
    • To educate and inform the Halaal-conscious consumer about Halaal / Haraam;
    • To secure the right of the Halaal-conscious consumer to have access to Halaal products and thereby protect their Imaan;
    • To improve the accessibility and variety of Halaal products;
    • Deregulation of the Meat Industry and removal of sanctions in a post Apartheid South Africa meant that the simple controls on a regional basis were insufficient;
    • It was also recognised that the market in South Africa would be changing quite dramatically as deregulation was underway and the post-sanction economy would be faced with a flood of imported products into South Africa;

  • Does SANHA make a profit from Halaal Certification?
    • No, SANHA is a non-profit making organisation. Charges are commensurate with costs;
    • SANHA is the ONLY Halaal certifying organisation that provides full accountability and transparency to the Consumer. Audited Financial Statements are published and distributed at SANHA’s Annual General Meetings which are open to the public;
    • Consumers have access to information pertaining to operations of SANHA;

  • What fees does SANHA charge for certification?
    • Fees charged are commensurate with costs;
    • A basic application fee is charged at the onset and once certification is awarded, licencing fees are applicable. These fees vary from industry to industry. Our offices may be contacted for specific details;

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  • How is SANHA accountable / transparent?
    • Disclosure of Audited Financial Statements annually;
    • Accessibility to information on SANHA's operations;
    • Full disclosures as to which products / businesses are certified Halaal;
    • Regular announcements of SANHA’s findings in the Halaal industry;
    • Regular information flow via radio, press, print and electronic media;
    • Representation given to the Consumer Council representative on the Board of SANHA;

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  • What standards does SANHA employ in its certifying process?
    • SANHA employs the highest possible standards so that it’s criteria is acceptable to all Halaal-conscious consumers;
    • A cross-section of Ulama (Muslim Theologians) have had an input into the establishment of certification standards of SANHA;

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  • Which Ulama / Islamic bodies are represented on SANHA?
    • Central Islamic Trust;
    • Council of Ulama, Eastern Cape;
    • Darul Ihsan Islamic Research Services;
    • Darul Waqaf Islamic Trust;
    • Jamiatul Ulama SA;
    • Jamiatul Ulama, Western Cape;
    • Majlisud Da’wah wal Islaah;
    • Northern Cape Halaal Board;

  • Which business / professional organisations are members of SANHA?
    • Association of Lawyers and Accountants for Islamic Law [AMAL];
    • Crescent of Hope SA;
    • Durban Muslim Traders Association;
    • Gauteng Halaal Traders Association;
    • Islamic Medical Association;
    • Minara Chamber of Commerce;
    • South African Muslim Restaurants Association;

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  • Do any members of SANHA receive financial remuneration?
    • All members of SANHA render their services on a voluntary, pro bono basis;
    • Members of SANHA have, in fact, contributed financially and many continue to contribute to the cause;
    • Members of SANHA are representatives of formal constituencies and render their services in the interest of the broader community, without fear or favour;

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  • Does SANHA favour non-Muslim businesses over Muslim Businesses?
    • No, SANHA does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, creed, colour or financial standing;
    • SANHA evaluates the importance of any application with respect to the needs of the Consumer as a whole. It does not operate to protect the narrow interests of a particular group or industry;
    • SANHA is not financially beholden to any individual or organisation. It can therefore act truly independently of any pressure from groups having vested interests;

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  • How does the consumer benefit from SANHA?
    • Full information on SANHA certified products / businesses;
    • Awareness of Halaal /Haraam issues;
    • Educating and informing the consumer on relevant issues;
    • Peace of mind in knowing that the highest standards are enforced;

  • What differentiates SANHA from other Halaal certifying organisations?
    • SANHA is a nationally represented organisation;
    • SANHA operates strictly on the principles of the Divine Dictates of the Shari’ah (Islamic Law);
    • SANHA follows a strict code of conduct in certification;
    • SANHA is a non-profit making organisation;
    • SANHA's membership is not exclusive. It encourages participation by organisations and consumers;
    • SANHA is transparent and accountable;
    • SANHA makes public its Annual Financial Statements;
    • SANHA publishes its findings, whether positive or negative, in the interest of the consumer;
    • SANHA is accessible to the consumer;
    • SANHA thrives on offering a professional service to both the consumer and industry;

  • How is SANHA funded?
    • SANHA is funded through licensing fees levied upon its clients and through the gestures received from the philathropist among the community;
    • It is with the help of the Almighty, self-funding and therefore totally protected from any undue influence;

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  • What is SANHA doing at the global level in the field of Halaal?
    • SANHA is among the founder members of the World Halaal Council in conjunction with national certifying bodies in South East Asia;
    • The world has become a global village. It has become essential to identify bona-fide organisations worldwide who subscribe to a common uniform standard, thereby simplifying the identification process of imported Halaal products and ingredients through reciprocal arrangements and information exchange;

  • What can I, as a consumer and/or organisation do to assist SANHA?
    • Support the activities of SANHA;
    • Understand detail aspects of Halaal and Haraam;
    • Demand SANHA CERTIFIED PRODUCTS. You have the right to demand the highest possible Halaal Standards. Request your butcher, grocer, restaurant, or fast food outlet to obtain SANHA approval of their establishments;
    • Encourage other organisations to join SANHA. You have a right to insist on one national body;
    • As an organisation, become a member of SANHA and contribute constructively to the cause;
    • Become the eyes and ears of SANHA in the market place. Report any discrepancies you find immediately to the SANHA offices;
    • Pass on all information to as wide a circle as possible;
    • Finally, continuously support and pray for the success of SANHA;

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      You, the Consumer, with the grace of the Almighty have made it happen. Let us continue to grow it!

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