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E. coli: EU raises compensation offer to farmers Print

The EU has increased to 210m euros (?187m) its offer of compensation to farmers who have lost income due to an outbreak of E. coli.
It had initially offered 150m euros, but EU Farm Commissioner Dacian Ciolos raised the figure after coming under pressure from major producers.
The offer is still a fraction of farmers' estimates of their losses, which go as high as 417m euros a week.
The outbreak has so far left at least 26 dead and infected 2,400.
Cases of the rare strain of enterohaemorrhagic E. coli (EHEC) have been concentrated in the northern German city of Hamburg.
Farmers' losses per week (euros)
? Spain: 200m
? Italy: 100m
? Netherlands: 50m
? Germany: 30m
? France: 30m
? Belgium: 6m
? Denmark: 750,000
? Lithuania: 150,000

Source: European farmers' union Copa-Cogeca

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