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Skinned alive for fur - slow, painful deaths of raccoon dogs Print

Thousands of unsuspecting Britons may be buying imitation Ugg boots made from the pelts of animals skinned alive.
The fur comes from raccoon dogs, a species related to domestic dogs, farmed in China.
A sickening video of the skins being collected has led activists to demand a ban on the trade and call for clearer labelling.
Genuine Ugg boots cost up to ?200 and use sheepskin, which is produced in a humane way.
But campaigners have found that other companies in Australia, where the popular boots are made, are using raccoon dog fur farmed in China and labelling it ?Australian sheepskin?.
Campaigners from Humane Society International (HSI) warned that the footwear could have found its way into the UK.
While the law says that no products using dog or cat fur may be imported or sold in the country, there is no ban on fur from raccoon dogs, an Asian species with links to foxes, dogs and jackals. They are not related to raccoons.

Wendy Higgins from HSI UK said: ?I have been working in animal rights for more than a decade and have never seen a video that has shocked me so much.
'It is not just the killing of the animals that is horrific, but the fact that they must endure such slow, painful deaths.

Salutations and peace be upon our Prophet who taught us not to kill even an animal without need, and if we should, we should do it in a humane manner. Note that Islam forbids skinning of an animal after slaughter until it is still.
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