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All Praise is due to Allah Subhanahu wa Ta?ala, our Cherisher, Creator and Sustainer and may His Choicest Salaw?t and Sal?m be showered upon His most beloved Messenger, Our Master Muhammad Sallall?hu ?alaihi wasallam, upon his family, his illustrious Sahabah and upon all those who tread the exemplary path of the Sunnah. ?m?n.


We offer thanks and gratitude to Allah Ta?aala for giving us the opportunity to serve His Course and pray that He accepts our feeble efforts notwithstanding the many shortcomings on our part. Indeed our responsibility is great and our shoulders are weak however our only support and source of assistance is the Divine Court without which we can accomplish naught.


As we approach the impending hour, our challenges become greater and the need to hold fast onto the Hablullah becomes all the more necessary. We make dua that Allah protects us from falling prey to the various fitan, unite the hearts of the leadership and keep us steadfast on the path of Truth and on the Siraat al-Mustaqeem.



Activity Report

The AGM report is usually a medium for reflecting the achievements, challenges, triumphs and the bottom line of a single year. In an age of ever increasing expectations and pressures and accelerating new applications of advanced technologies, it is also a platform for prospecting as much as for retrospecting.


Whilst SANHA has primarily been established to monitor and certify foods, beverages and other consumables, Halaal is increasingly becoming a holistic lifestyle choice and is transcending the areas of the food industry. Fashion, pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, cosmetics & skincare, logistics, leisure & lifestyle, travel & hospitality and medical care are some of the areas which are increasingly embracing the ?Halaal concept?


Alhamdulillah, notwithstanding all odds, we are in a position to submit, with utmost humility, a satisfactory report for the period under review.



Ulama Leadership

Whilst the membership of SANHA encompasses a wide spectrum of representation from both Ulama and non-Ulama organizations, the Ulama members play a leading role in both the management and operational function of the organization.


In the period under review, the Ulama Council represented by the Theological Committee met on two occasions. All matters of a Shar?i nature are deliberated and decided upon exclusively by this component of the Executive. Input is however always welcome from the broader membership.


All matters requiring expert juristic opinion are referred to the Fatwa Committee. This organ assisted in resolving the following issues during the past year:


*  Shellac ? a resinous secretion of an insect commonly used in the food and pharmaceutical industry. This ingredient was previously ruled impermissible, however due to further research and fatawa issued by senior Muftis abroad, the matter was submitted to our Fatwa Committee for review who revoked their fatwa of impermissibility. Accordingly, the ingredient is now deemed Halaal.


*  Cigarettes ? based on information that some cigarette manufacturers use haraam ingredients such as blood haemoglobin and liquors in the filter and tobacco flavouring, the fatwa committee was consulted who ruled karahiyyah strong detestation). Both the trade and consumers have been urged to abstain from promoting and / or indulging in this abhorrent harmful substance.



*  Shrimps ? Since the shrimp was deemed from a different genre to prawns, the fatwa committee was consulted who ruled that the same ruling of prawns would be applicable to shrimps as well.


Executive & Management Board

A total of five meetings were held between the two organs of SANHA in the past period. The Management Board is responsible for strategy implementation and managing the day-to-day affairs of SANHA in accordance with the policies and objectives approved by the Executive.



Associate Membership

Community organizations, Masjid Jamaats, Madaaris, Darul Ulooms, and Muslim Professional bodies have shown their confidence and support for SANHA for which we are grateful. A total of 137 organizations  across the country have formally registered their membership support, Alhamdulill?h. There is however, a need to further grow this support base and we accordingly urge Imams and Ulama who are connected to Masjid jamaats and educational institutions to complete the necessary application forms and submit to any of the SANHA offices.



New Certification

Notwithstanding the global crisis faced by world economies, there has been a significant increase in the demand for Halaal certification not only in South Africa but globally. In comparison to the previous year, a 25% increase in applications received has been reflected in the past period. A total number of 243 applications were received out of which 189 have been concluded.


Many establishments could not withstand the financial crunch and were forced to close their doors as a result of which in access of 50 Halaal certificates were withdrawn.


The total number of plants certified by SANHA currently stands at 1275




The Inspectorate department continues to bear the greater responsibility of monitoring and maintaining Halaal certification standards at certified plants. Alhamdulillah, a zero-tolerance approach is implemented where there is gross wilful breach of the Halaal standards.


Approximately 6500 inspections were conducted during the period under review. Additional staff has been employed in the various regions to meet the ever increasing challenges faced by this department.



International Activity

Alhamdulillah, due to the sincerity of its founding members SANHA continues to gain recognition from the international arena and has become a source of reference for many organizations around the globe.


-    WHASIB, Thailand - SANHA was once again invited by the Halaal Science Centre to attend this annual event.


-    World Halaal Council - SANHA representatives serve their final term on the World Halaal Council Executive. Our representation on the Membership Committee will continue for another year. SANHA attended the WHC General Assembly in Turkey as well as the Executive committee meeting held in Malaysia earlier this year.


-    Indonesia ? On the invitation of the Majlisul Ulama Indonesia, SANHA attended their seminar on implementing Quality Control systems in the Halaal Certification process.



-    Pakistan ? SANHA was invited to present a paper at the First Halaal Congress in Karachi hosted by the Trade Development Authority of Pakistan. On this occasion, a special presentation was requested of SANHA at the offices of the Karachi Chamber of Commerce.

Requests were thereafter received from two institutions viz. Jamiatur Rasheed and Jamiatul Uloom al-Islamiyyah of Karachi to provide an induction course on Halaal Certification for their members. A group of fifteen Ulama were hosted by SANHA for a period of 6 weeks, Alhamdulillah.


-    Kuwait ? SANHA was invited as the representative of Africa to attend the first Halaal Conference hosted by the Ministry of Religious Affairs. Some awakening seems to have been created especially on the issue of mechanical slaughter


-    SANHA PAKISTAN ? Alhamdulillah, offices have been set up in both Karachi and Lahore and staff have been appointed to manage the activities in the region. Special Duas are requested.



Public Relations

Alhamdulillah, some salient achievements are highlighted hereunder:

*     In addition to the weekly radio Q & A programmes hosted by Radio Islam, SANHA is also called upon by other community radio stations from time to time to respond to current matters and issues of interest. In the past year, we made representation on 13 occasions on Voice of the Cape and on seven occasions on Radio al-Ansaar

*  Over the last year SANHA?s website has been upgraded to be more informative and user friendly. Many new additions have been made to the website e.g. Gps Co-ordinates, recipe column (under construction), recent announcement column etc. reviews and suggestions are being done on an ongoing basis.

*     Halaal Helpline service continues to field up to 100 queries daily and remains the flagship of our PR activity.

*   The electronic E-Bulletin and Flash News publications are also issued on a fortnightly basis which has also been well received by its local and international subscribers.

*  The Masjid Times has also been introduced which is circulated with the monthly hilaal notices.

*  Hosted the Halaal Pavilion in conjunction with the Africa Big Seven and SAITEX Trade expos

* Participated in the Hartley Road School Fair to ?Educate and create Awareness? among the public.


We highlight hereunder some additional points of information from the past period:

*      Total number of plants certified during the year: 188

*      Number of announcements issued in the past year: 26

*      Total number of Muslim employees under the direct and indirect employ of SANHA: 237

*      Three official offices based in the major cities of South Africa viz. Durban-KwaZulu Natal, Johannesburg-Gauteng and Cape Town-Western Cape and two regional representative bases in Eastern Cape and Northern Cape respectively.

*      Total number of Chicken Abattoirs approved by SANHA - 27

*      Total number of Red Meat Abattoirs approved by SANHA - 25

*      Total income received by SANHA in the last period ? R 11.1 million

*      Total expenses incurred by SANHA in the said period ? R 10.5 million

*      SANHA fully subscribes to the principles of integrity, accountability and transparency and complies with the generally accepted business practices by which bona fide entities seek to govern themselves.  Accordingly in addition to publishing and handing out its audited financial statement at its AGM, a summarized version is also now displayed on its website.

*      Annual Halaal Certification introductory course is offered to D?rul Ift? students at the Gauteng office. There has been increasing requests from final year students to facilitate such program as not all students pursue ifta on completion of their Aalim course.

*      SANHA continues to assist the Muslim Prison Board with Halaal catering guidelines which needs to be customized for the relevant prison environments.

*       The chicken saga and court action instituted by the Scholars of the Truth chairperson, Moulana AS Desai and represented by Moulana Farhan Patel of De Deur continues to remain pending.





Earlier this year, SANHA lost one of its Stalwarts, Moulana Younus Rhoda who notwithstanding ill health served on the Ulama Council and Executive Committee representing the Jamiatul Ulama ? Western Cape.


The loss of another guiding beacon in the person of Hazrat Moulana Yunus Patel rahimahullah has been felt not only by the Ulama but from the multitude of followers around the country and beyond. Moulana was indeed a pillar of strength and encouragement from the founding days of SANHA and remained an active and avid patron of SANHA till his last. We shall sorely miss his advices and unwavering support. May Allahu Ta??l? grant them the best of rewards and favour them and all the Marhoomeen with a lofty station in Jannah and grant the bereaved families sabr jameel. Aameen!




Alhamdulill?h, SANHA has been growing from strength to strength purely with the Grace of Allahu Ta?ala and the commitment of its members and selfless dedication of its staff. I take this opportunity to thank all Members of the Ulama Council, Executive, staff and all those associated with this department for their support, assistance and cooperation.


May Allah Ta??l? reward you all and also those beyond the organization who have contributed and supported this course in any and every way. Aameen!



Muhammad Saeed Navlakhi (Moulana)

Theological Director



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