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Taiwan-Based Sea Party to Invest R 5 Billion in Tanjung Manis Halal Hub Print

Taiwan-based Sea Party International Co Ltd (SPI), together with its subsidiaries, will invest RM2 billion in the Tanjung Manis Halal Hub.

Under the first phase of its development, SPI will spend RM318 million for aquaculture activities such as tilapia breeding, chlorella cultivation and production of Halal collagen and gelatine.
The second phase involves production of gelatine from tilapia scales, bones and skin, organic prawn farming and vendor development programme.

SPI president, Dr Ray Lin, said the group's proposed projects would provide jobs and business opportunities for the locals.

"They will be given the assistance and training in fish and prawn farming so that they will be capable of producing good quality Halal products.

"Our vendor programmes will help them breed fish and prawn using biotechnology," he said.

He said the group would be eco-friendly and would maximise productivity with minimum disturbance to the environment.

Lin said the group's three units -- Sea Party Industry Sdn Bhd, Sea Party Technology Sdn Bhd and Sea Party Biotech Industry Sdn Bhd -- would focus on feed milling, producing biotech chicken and eggs and downstream processing respectively.

"Sea Party Biotech ? will process tilapia wastes such as bones, skin and scales into collagen and gelatine in the forms of hard and soft capsules," he said.

Sea Party Technology R&D Sdn Bhd would focus on transforming the Tanjung Manis Halal Hub into the world centre for quality Halal food products, he said.
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