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Afrinat (Pty) Ltd

Category: Hygiene and Sanitation Chemicals

Address:  3 South Army Road, Victoria Basin, Waterfront, Cape Town, 8001,  Western Cape, South Africa

Tel: 021-427-1400

Certified Halaal by SANHA
1 ViBacSan Alcohol Free Hand Sanitizer - Non Rinse 5L 6009802851401
2 ViBacSan All Purpose Sanitizer 5L 6009802851456
3 ViBacSan All Purpose Sanitizer 25L 6009802851463
4 ViBacSan Antimicrobial Hand Soap Gel 5L 6009802851395
5 ViBacSan Apparatus Disinfectant 5L 6009802851470
6 ViBacSan Bioflavonoid Complex Intermediate Tailored to customer needs 6009802851555
7 ViBacSan Bioflavonoid Complex Mother Stock Tailored to customer needs 6009802851548
8 ViBacSan Degreaser 5L 6009802851494
9 ViBacSan Degreaser 25L 6009802851500
10 ViBacSan Granular Deodorizer 5Kg 6009802851531
11 ViBacSan High Foam Detergent 5L 6009802851432
12 ViBacSan High Foam Detergent 25L 6009802851449
13 ViBacSan Krate Wash 25L 6009802851487
14 ViBacSan Low Foam Detergent 5L 6009802851418
15 ViBacSan Low Foam Detergent 25L 6009802851425
16 ViBacSan Tomato & Vegetable Decontaminant 5L 6009802851517
17 ViBacSan Tomato & Vegetable Decontaminant 25L 6009802851524
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