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Cleveland - Kayleys Belgian Chocolates, Gauteng Print

Kayleys Belgian Chocolates CC

Category: Snacks - Chocolates

Address: 617 Maretsel Road, Wychwood, Extension 8, Cleveland, 2022, GP East, South Africa

Tel: (011) 616 1314

Certified Halaal by SANHA.   Kindly ensure the product you purchase bears the SANHA logo.
List of Products Manufactured by ::  Kayleys Belgian Chocolates CC
1 Kayleys Choc Coated Marshmallows 12g

2 Kayleys Crunch 28g

3 Kayleys Easter Bunny 14g, 30g, 60g, 80g 180g

4 Kayleys Milk Bar 45g

5 Kayleys Milk Nuts Bar 45g

6 Kayleys Nuga 40g

7 Kayleys Pink & White Marshmallows 100g & Bulk

8 Kayleys Praline Balls 165g

9 Kayleys Pralines 260g, 130g

10 Kayleys Sugar Coated Eggs 120g

11 Kayleys Super Surprise Egg Boys 12g 600926020241 KSSEBN
12 Kayleys Super Surprise Egg Girls 12g 600982602654 KSSEGN
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