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1.    Can we eat the breakfast at hotels? I travel frequently and stay at the Southern Sun hotels?

Whilst we do not certify any of the Southern Sun hotels kitchens? nor do we have in-depth knowledge of products served thereat, we list hereunder a few suggestions which may assist you in making an informed decision on the breakfast served at Southern Sun:
  • Fruit and other neutral foods (non-meat) which you are confident are free from non- Halaal contaminants may consumed.
  • Water, tea, coffee, hot chocolate ,cold drinks, etc. are also permitted.
  • Yoghurts from a SANHA Halaal certified/approved supplier may also be consumed.
  • Breads, rolls etc from a SANHA Halaal certified/approved supplier are permissible.
  • Kindly request the chef to prepare an egg in a utensil that has not been used for any meat or other non-Halaal product.(most chefs are very obliging and if requested will prepare the eggs in your presence using non-contaminated utensils). Alternatively, you may request a boiled egg which would rule out the fear of contamination.
  • Cereals from a SANHA Halaal certified/approved supplier may be consumed.
We trust the above will be of assistance to you.
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