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Most mouthwashes contain high doses of Ethanol (Alcohol). A concession for using these alcohol based mouthwashes is given if prescribed for oral hygiene purposes and ethanol-free alternatives are unavailable or are not effective enough in treating the medical condition.

Dentyl PH, Plus White and Treat-It are alcohol free alternatives that may be used where available.

If the above are unavailable or are ineffective, the under mentioned products may be used. These have been evaluated and besides the alcohol content issue as discussed above, contain no other non-Halaal or doubtful ingredients:
  • Colgate Plax ? manufactured by Colgate
  • Andolex C ? manufactured by 3M Pharmaceuticals
  • Listerine and Oraldine ? manufactured by Johnson & Johnson
  • Reach Anit-Plaque ? manufactured by Johnson & Johnson
  • Dental Mate ? manufactured by Dischem
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