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Mufti AK Hoosein's Q&A program on Cii Radio and the subsequent emergence of a  BB broadcast on the matter of Rainbow has reference. SANHA records as follows:? ?

The Halaal poultry slaughter process at Rainbow and commercial abattoirs of the like was initiated and/or endorsed by Ulama Institutions and leading Islamic Scholars of the past. The likes of the marhoom Mufti Shafi RA, Moulana Ansaari RA, Moulana Omarjee  RA, Moulana Sema r.a., Mufti Ebrahim Sanjalvi RA, Mufti Bashir Sanjalvi RA, Moulana Yunus Patel RA  Mufti Ahmad Mia RA including many leading contemporary Ulama.? ?

SANHA has since its inception in the early 90's further streamlined and improved on the Halaal regulatory protocols and systems laid down by our Pious Predecessors.? ?

It is rather sad that each year prior to the coming of Ramadaan, some miscreant individuals attempt to create confusion and doubt in the minds of the general public specifically targeting our mothers and sisters, on the subject of Halaal poultry and undermine & discredit the services of other mainstream Ulama and Islamic organisations.

Besides the few persons belonging to Molvi AS Desai's ilk whose ranks Mufti AK appears to have joined, mainstream Ulama not only in SA but also abroad endorse the systems employed by SANHA and acknowledge its bona fides.

The Ulama Committee component of SANHA reaffirms its position that Rainbow, Goldi, Romeo and other poultry plants under its jurisdiction comply with the required criteria and are certified/approved as Halaal.? ?

The Muslim public and trade are accordingly urged to ignore the malicious and misleading, slanderous untruths circulated by Mufti AK of Cii, Molvi AS Desai of Majlis P.E. and their clique.? ?

May Allah guide these individuals to rise above their divisive and derisive political posturing and strive towards serving the interests of the Ummah. Aameen.? ?


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