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Unilever Ola Ice Cream Pty Ltd

Category: Dairy

Tel Head Office: 031 570 2000

Address: Lords View, Industrial Park, Chloorkop Ext 66, Allandale Road, Midrand, Gauteng, South Africa

List of SANHA Certified Products of :: Unilever South Africa Ice Cream (Pty) Ltd

1 Cornetto Chocolate Hugs 125ml
2 Cornetto Classic 100ml
3 Cornetto Cookies and Dreams 125ml
4 Cornetto Peanut Love 125ml
5 Cornetto Strawberry Kisses 125ml
6 Gino Ginelli Choc Nut Brownie 1.4L
7 Gino Ginelli Salted Caramel 1.4L
8 Gino Ginelli Strawberry Pavlova 1.4L
9 Gino Ginelli Vanilla Pecan 1.4L
10 Gino Ginelli Vanilla Toffee Pecan 1.4L
11 Heartland Ola Choc Pie 70ml
12 Heartland Ola Choc Pie M/P 6 x 70ml
13 Heartland Ola Mint Pie M/P 6 x 70ml
14 Magnum Almond 110ml
15 Magnum Almond Mini 6 x 60ml
16 Magnum Classic 110ml
17 Magnum Classic Mini 6 x 60ml
18 Magnum Cookies and Cream 100ml
19 Magnum Cookies and Cream 6 x 60ml Multipack
20 Magnum Crème Brulee 100ml
21 Magnum Death By Chocolate 110ml
22 Magnum Mini Crème Brûlée Kiss Wrapper 6 x 60ml
23 Magnum Mint 110ml
24 Magnum Mint Mini 6 x 60ml
25 Magnum Variety Mini 6 x 60ml
26 Magnum White Almond 110ml
27 Magnum White Almond Mini 6 x 60ml
28 Ola Barbie Rainbow 60ml
29 Ola Caramel Pie 70ml
30 Ola Caramel Pie M/P 6 x 70ml
31 Ola Choc Vanilla 125ml cup
32 Ola Chocolate 5l
33 Ola Happy Mix
34 Ola Strawberry 5l
35 Ola Vanilla 5lt
36 Paddle Pop Chocolate 60ml
37 Paddle Pop Cola Float 60ml
38 Paddle Pop Crazy Cola 39ml, 60ml
39 Paddle Pop Groovy Grape 60ml
40 Paddle Pop Orange 60ml
41 Paddle Pop Pineapple Party 60ml
42 Paddle Pop Rainbow 60ml
43 Paddle Pop Strawberry Buzz 60ml
44 Rich ‘n Creamy Milk Tart 2L
45 Rich 'n Creamy Caramel Choc Vanilla 2L
46 Rich 'n Creamy Chocolate 2L
47 Rich n Creamy Choc Trio 2L
48 Rich 'n Creamy Mint Choc 2L
49 Rich 'n Creamy Neapolitan 2L
50 Rich 'n Creamy Vanilla 2L
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