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Suz International Food Brands Africa

Category: Snacks, Extruded Maize Snacks

Tel: 012-372-0201

Address: 2051 Erma Street, Andoen, Zandfontein, Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa

Certified Halaal by SANHA
List of Products Manufactured by ::  Suz International Food Brands Africa
1 Big Corn Snacker Chilli Tomato 100 g
2 Big Corn Snacker Pizza 100 g
3 Big Corn Snacker Spicy Beef 100 g
4 Big Corn Snacker Sweet Chilli 100 g
5 Crack-A-Snack Bbq 24g
6 Crack-A-Snack Cheese 24g
7 Crack-A-Snack Fruit Chutney 24g
8 Crack-A-Snack Pizza 24g
9 Crack-A-Snack Tomato 24g
10 Jnr Corn Snacker Chilli Tomato 20 g
11 Jnr Corn Snacker Pizza 20 g
12 Jnr Corn Snacker Spicy Beef 20 g
13 Jnr Corn Snacker Sweet Chilli 20 g
14 Jnr Snacker Bbq 18g
15 Jnr Snacker Cheese 18g
16 Jnr Snacker Pizza 18g
17 Jnr Snacker Tomato 18g
18 Maties Pop-T-Corn Savoury 20g
19 Maties Puff Cheese 50g
20 Maties Puff Cheese And Tomato 50g
21 Maties Puff Chicken 50g
22 Maties Puff Spicy Beef 50g
23 Montagna Water Still Water 330ml, 500ml, 1.5l
24 Snack Haven Bbq 22g, 100 g
25 Snack Haven Cheese 22g, 100 g
26 Snack Haven Fruit Chutney 22 g
27 Snack Haven Pizza 22g, 100 g
28 Snack Haven Tomato 22g, 100 g
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