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Little Green Beverages (Pty) Ltd t/a The Beverage Company

Category: Beverages; Soft Drinks


  • Reservoir Rd, Boksburg, Gauteng, South Africa - Tel: 011 865 2598
  • 10 Benbow Ave, Epping, Cape Town, South Africa - Tel: 021 534 8070
  • 18 Robbie De Lange Road, Wilsonia, East London, South Africa - Tel: 043 731 1718
  • 20 Anvil Road, Isando, Kempton Park, Gauteng, South Africa - Tel: 011 865 2598
  • 23 Palmgate Cr, Southgate Business Park, Amanzimtoti, KZN, South Africa - Tel: 031 914 8400

Certified Halaal by SANHA


List of Products Manufactured by ::  The Beverage Company (Pty) Ltd


1 Caprisun Fruit Juice Apple Cherry 200ml K3020020 6002742012970
2 Caprisun Fruit Juice Multi fruits 200ml K3020021 6002742012987
3 Caprisun Fruit Juice Orange 200ml K3020022 6002742012956
4 Caprisun Fruit Juice Peach 200ml
5 Coo-ee CSD Apple 2lt C0200001 6009691350351
6 Coo-ee CSD Apple 1.5lt C0150001 6009691350825
7 Coo-ee CSD Coco-pine 2lt C0200002 6009691353871
8 Coo-ee CSD Coco-pine 1.5lt C0150002 6009691353895
9 Coo-ee CSD Cola 2lt C0200003 6009691350313
10 Coo-ee CSD Cola 1.5lt C0150003 6009691350757
11 Coo-ee CSD Cranberry 2lt C0200018 6009691358197
12 Coo-ee CSD Cranberry 1.5lt C0150018 6009691358173
13 Coo-ee CSD Cream Soda 2lt C0200004 6009691350337
14 Coo-ee CSD Cream Soda 1.5lt C0150004 6009691350771
15 Coo-ee CSD Ginger Brew 1.5lt C0150005 6009691350993
16 Coo-ee CSD Ginger Brew 2lt C0200005 6009691350405
17 Coo-ee CSD Granadilla 2lt C0200006 6009691350382
18 Coo-ee CSD Granadilla 1.5lt C0150006 6009691350832
19 Coo-ee CSD Grape 2lt C0200007 6009691350375
20 Coo-ee CSD Grape 1.5lt C0150007 6009691350788
21 Coo-ee CSD Indian Mango 2lt C0200011 6009691353857
22 Coo-ee CSD Indian Mango 1.5lt C0150011 6009691353918
23 Coo-ee CSD Iron Brew 2lt C0200008 6009691350412
24 Coo-ee CSD Iron brew 1.5lt C0150008 6009691350801
25 Coo-ee CSD Lemon 2lt C0200009 6009691350368
26 Coo-ee CSD Lemon 1.5lt C0150009 6009691350849
27 Coo-ee CSD Lemon and Lime 2lt

28 Coo-ee CSD Litchi 2lt C0200019 6009691358234
29 Coo-ee CSD Litchi 1.5lt C0150019 6009691358210
30 Coo-ee CSD Orange 2lt C0200012 6009691350320
31 Coo-ee CSD Orange 1.5lt C0150019 6009691350764
32 Coo-ee CSD Passion Fruit and Lemonade 2lt

33 Coo-ee CSD Peach 2lt

34 Coo-ee CSD Pineapple 2lt C0200013 6009691350399
35 Coo-ee CSD Pineapple 1.5lt C0150013 6009691350795
36 Coo-ee CSD Raspberry 2lt C0200014 6009691350429
37 Coo-ee CSD Raspberry 1.5lt C0150014 6009691350818
38 Coo-ee Island Fusion Blueberry & Cranberry

39 Coo-ee Island Fusion Mango & Granadilla

40 Coo-ee Island Fusion Mix Berry

41 Coo-ee Island Fusion Passion Fruit & Lemonade

42 Coo-ee Island Fusion Peach & Apricot

43 Coo-ee Island Fusion Pomegranate

44 Coo-ee Island Fusion Tropical

45 Coo-ee Premium Soda Water

46 Coo-ee Premium Tonic Water

47 Coo-ee Sugar Free Apple

48 Coo-ee Sugar Free Iron Brew

49 Jive Apple 2l

50 Jive Cocopina 500ml, 2l

51 Jive Cola 500ml, 2l

52 Jive Cream Soda 500ml, 2l

53 Jive GingerBeer 500ml, 2l

54 Jive GingerBeer Sugar Free 500ml, 2l

55 Jive Granadilla 500ml, 2l

56 Jive Iron Brew 500ml, 2l

57 Jive Iron Brew Sugar Free 2l

58 Jive Lemon & Lime 500ml, 2l

59 Jive Lemon Krush 2l

60 Jive Lemon Sugar Free 2l

61 Jive Lemonade 2l

62 Jive Mango 500ml, 2l

63 Jive Mango Sugar Free 2l

64 Jive Moments Red Grape 1.5l

65 Jive Moments White Grape 1.5l

66 Jive Orange Krush 500ml, 2l

67 Jive Passionfruit & Lemonade 500ml, 2l

68 Jive Passionfruit & Lemonade Sugar Free 2l

69 Jive Peach - Mango 500ml, 2l

70 Jive Pineapple & Granadilla 2l

71 Jive Pineapple Spike 500ml, 2l

72 Jive Pineapple Spike Sugar Free 2l

73 Jive Pinewizz 2l

74 Jive Raspberry 500ml, 2l

75 Jive Raspberry 500ml, 2l

76 Jive Soda Water 2l

77 ReBoost Fantasy Fussion Energy Drink 500ml

78 ReBoost Blueberry Energy Drink 500ml

79 ReBoost Citrus Blast Energy Drink 500ml

80 ReBoost Energy Drink

81 ReBoost Tropical Crush Sugar Free Energy 500ml

82 Refreshhh Apple Carbonated Soft Drink 330ml, 1.5l, 2l

83 Refreshhh Apple Sugar Free Carbonated Soft Drink 1.5l, 2l

84 Refreshhh Coco-Pine Carbonated Soft Drink 1.5l, 2l

85 Refreshhh Cola Carbonated Soft Drink 200ml, 330ml, 1.5l, 2l

86 Refreshhh Cola Sugar Free Carbonated Soft Drink 1.5l, 2l

87 Refreshhh Cream Soda Carbonated Soft Drink 330ml, 1.5l, 2l

88 Refreshhh Dry Lemon 1.5l, 200ml, 275ml

89 Refreshhh Energy Drink 275ml, 330ml, 440ml

90 Refreshhh Ginger Ale Carbonated Soft Drink 200ml, 250ml, 275ml, 1.5l

91 Refreshhh Ginger Ale Tonic Carbonated Soft Drink 275ml, 1.5l

92 Refreshhh Ginger Beer Carbonated Soft Drink 330ml, 1.5l, 2l

93 Refreshhh Ginger Beer Sugar Free Carbonated Soft Drink 1.5l, 2l

94 Refreshhh Granadilla Carbonated Soft Drink 330ml, 1.5l, 2l

95 Refreshhh Grape Carbonated Soft Drink 330ml, 1.5l, 2l

96 Refreshhh Iron Brew Carbonated Soft Drink 330ml, 1.5l, 2l

97 Refreshhh Lemon Carbonated Soft Drink 1.5l, 2l

98 Refreshhh Lemon Sugar Free Carbonated Soft Drink 1.5l, 2l

99 Refreshhh Lemonade Carbonated Soft Drink 200ml, 1.5l, 2l

100 Refreshhh Litchi 2l, 500ml

101 Refreshhh Mango Carbonated Soft Drink 1.5l, 2l

102 Refreshhh Orange Sugar Free Carbonated Soft Drink 1.5l, 2l

103 Refreshhh Orange Carbonated Soft Drink 330ml, 1.5l, 2l

104 Refreshhh Peach Carbonated Soft Drink 2l

105 Refreshhh Pineapple Carbonated Soft Drink 330ml, 1.5l, 2l

106 Refreshhh Raspberry Carbonated Soft Drink 1.5l, 2l, 330ml

107 Refreshhh Soda water 200ml, 1.5l, 275ml

108 Refreshhh Sparkling Ice Tea Lemon Flavour 330ml

109 Refreshhh Sparkling Ice Tea Peach Flavour 330ml

110 Refreshhh Tonic Water 200ml

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